Now i want to move out on my own

hi. I have held a full time job for some time now and I am looking forward to moving out on my own hopefully in the near future.

this is very exciting for me. when I am finally in my own place I will feel independent and free.



It is a trap for me to plan how I’m going to feel in the future. I plan what I’m going to do, but not what I’m going to feel.


It shows that you are mature enough to move out on your own. :house:
I think financial independence is important when you are in your own place :house: , so it is good if you can keep the job.

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Congrats! It is great isn’t it?

I can tell you from experience, best thing I ever did was save 10% every month unless I had emergency expense. Amount does not matter really, even $50 will add up to something within a few months…I had to skip cable and a lot of the social stuff just to afford this for first couple of years in my own place but I could afford every disaster or unexpected bill…Then when I ended up in bad employment situation with sexual harasser once, I could walk away from the job…This was best freedom ever because unemployment was denied me. Many woman who go through this have to use an attorney and it can take even 2 years to get anything from your scumbag bosses…I managed this on a modest income and even managed to buy a house without any help before age 30. I could afford college classes as I wanted and vacations even making less than $29k max, usually a lot less because I wanted to change fields and took a pay cut.

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Very cool, getting your own place. It is very freeing. Congratulations.

Very cool with keeping the full time job. It’s not easy at all somedays.

Are you looking for an apartment or a small house?

At first I sort of felt dumped into my first apartment… it was a section 8 building and it was rough. It was hard for me to handle all on my own.

Now that I’m in a different place again… now I’m starting to appreciate being out on my own… with help.


hi I’m 42 and I moved out of home at the age of 27.
I have lived in my current flat for 14 years and I like living independently most of the time. friends and family are online or on the phone and I have books and tv.
also I get along better with my parents because I don’t live with them.
good luck finding yourself a comfy new home


thank you for all your replies. I ain’t moving yet… but I am trying to get started in that direction. thanks again. judy