I am Really Tempted To

Drink Alcohol.

Just once.

Should I not?

I’m on a low dose antipsychotics.

And why not? :pensive:

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I probably won’t.

But I could do with someone or people telling me NO WHAT ARE YOU THINKING

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You shouldn’t mix alcohol and antipsychotic medications.

Why would you want to drink alcohol anyway? It’s no fun to be drunk by yourself.

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I mean when I meet my friend. In the UK we are legally permitted to form something called ‘support bubble’ with one person, someone who lives completely alone.

Well, you are an adult. I suppose if you really want to drink a little it’s up to you. Just don’t go overboard. I personally do not find alcohol appealing anymore.

This thread will probably get closed because alcohol is only suppose to be talked about in a recovery sense…so talking about it with any positivity will probably result in it’s closure.

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Yes the thing is I only bother with alcohol if I drink at least one bottle of red wine, and it wouldn’t be more actually … It is probably too much… It is tempting though.

Yeah, I really wouldn’t recommend that. Especially with medication.

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I drink only one or two every 3 weeks

Thanks Bowens…

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Don’t drink a bottle of wine!

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I’m Kinda In The Same Rowboat. Not Canoe. Maybe Small Fisherman’s Boat.

A Boat With Paddles?. Surely Not!.

But!, A Boat For Certain. Because That Pyramid Song Song Is Amazing.

To Thus Very Day.

Point Is, , ,

I’ve Been Walking Past A Liquor Store Each Time I Pick Up Shazz For My Activities. . .

I Don’t Feel Like Spending Insane Amounts Of Monies On Liquor. Plus It Takes An Entire Bottle In An Hour For Me To Feel Anything. Then I End Up Passing Out After Collapsing On The Floor.


N e Hoo.

I Wanna Try Out The New Beer Flavours. I Might One Of These Days, Buy One Can, Jus To See.

Honestly Though, I Have No Real Desire For The Stuff.

Jus Bored.

Looking To Get Back Into My Band, ‘The Orbital Compass’. The Fans Are Probably Losing Patience.

We’ll See.

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. The Warmth Of The Sun Gently Awoke Father Time And Began To Begin The Dreams. . . . . . .

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Well my pdoc does say that moderate alcohol drinking is fine on antipsychotics for me. But In my personal situation, I feel hesitant about that. Maybe it’s OK for you though… Idk. Hopefully.

I haven’t drank a bottle of red wine since 2016.

Anyways I guess I shouldn’t drink a whole bottle of red wine?

I know you’re not a professional doctor but…

Who wants to deal with a hangover anyway? The after effects of large amounts of alcohol consumption are not fun. And you might regret what you do while you are drunk.


I had one drink once ( i don’t drink anymore) it made me dizzy as hell and i could not lie down, was nasty

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I wouldn’t regret what I do but you are right it is the risk of the consequences that I’m afraid of.

One colleague at my work once said to me when I wanted to drink…

‘you are going to throw away all these years of recovery for one bottle of alcohol’?

This is my fear.

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Thus Word Right Here You Are Using @Mountainman Is Highly Confusing. . .

Why Do People Feel Justified In Using That Word To Describe Anything?.

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. The Endless Infinity Became Eternity In Grace And Harmony. . . . . . .

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But I’m wondering could just one bottle of red wine really increase my risk of psychosis or voices or relapse.

I don’t think I’d get med interactions since I’m on a low dose…

Well, i felt crap and had 2 cans of beer and feel still crap. So i got to look for other things to feel better. The alcohol didn’t help.

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I personally have no desire to have alcohol myself anymore. I use to drink alcohol to party with my friends when I was younger but would find no joy in drinking anymore. I don’t see the appeal.

Why risk it? No one can make this decision for you but I don’t see the upside of drinking a bottle of wine. What benefit will you get out of it?

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It would be good and could lead me on to a better life lol. But on the flip side it could ruin my life. So yes! - - - - thankyou Bowens! I need to not risk it.

I think…

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