Does drinking alcohol whilst on antipsyhotic make your positive symptoms worse?

Question as above.

From experience.

And how much alcohol was it.

And if you had bad experience mixing alcohol with antipsyhotic.

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i dont know

never had both of them.

dont drink but

would like to and have some fun

It’s hard for me to remember the timing of my alcoholism.

I think when I used to get blackout drunk 6 times a week I was off meds.

It made me start hallucinating real bad at some points. Plus Delusions, poor insight, grandeur , etc…

When I turned about 24 I decided I needed to quit drinking. I also started meds not too long before that. It took about 3 years after that to fully quit

Well now I’ve drank since then but definitely never been drunk.

And it’s very rare and seldom.

But most of all it’s just terrible for your liver!!! Exponentiates the damage done by both.

Don’t recommend drinking the poison on meds :zipper_mouth_face:

Have u ever drank like a bottle of wines worth whilst on aps did it make u hallucinate later?

It’s not like I’d do it every day. I just miss wine.

To be honest, not anymore than usual. Not on antipsychotics. Now I’m on naltrexone I literally cannot get pleasurable, desirable effects of alcohol. So in return I just drink non alcoholic beer for the taste if anything but back when I drank on antipsychotics alone. It ■■■■■■ me mentally. But didn’t make me personally hallucinate. I only remember hallucinations of alcohol when I was on no meds. But that’s not gonna mean I recommend u doing it :upside_down_face:

Lol especially not a whole bottle of wine is a lot for a liver to take on psych meds

My pdoc tells me I can have 1 drink. But no more. But I prefer zero.


How did it ■■■■ u mentally when u were on antipsyhotic and drinking a lot in a go.

I drink a glass of wine or two with dinner practically every night.

My pdoc said it’s fine.

You should ask yours.

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I don’t have a psychiatrist anymore.

But I could ask my mental health nurse


Look at my old posts here.

It was just madness. Thing about alcohol, the insanity doesn’t hit u right away like weed would to some szs. It DOESNT make u hallucinate terribly but it does ■■■■ with your insight. And slowly eat away with delusion and bad thinking. A lot of booze drinkers with Sz don’t really realize what it’s doing to them because of poor insight. Yeah you should ask your pdoc if you can have 1-2 drinks. I know they wouldn’t say more than that but they might probably let u have 1-2.


Another problem with alcohol and aps is some won’t let you get drunk or buzzed. On Invega I would have a buzz for 30 min at the very most.

That’s dangerous because some people will drink more and more to try to get drunk. That can lead to alcohol poisoning.

Also, the liver metabolizes aps. Drinking adds more stress to the liver.


I used to drink a bottle of wine every night on AP. I’ve cut down now. I am/was self medicating PTSD and now I’m seeing a psychologist.

It’s a slow process to cut down or quit completely
But I’m working on it.


Did it make u hallucinate or get deluded when u drank a bottle every night whilst on ap?

Coming from a raging recovering wino here, alcohol screws with the efficacy of any aps your on, so you end up with a higher dose.

I’m sure the odd glass of wine or beer isn’t too bad, but when your chucking it down your neck like I did, you might as well not take the tablets.


Wat about if I just drink a bottle for one day cos I miss it. Do u think that’s risky.

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I will only have one pint. That’s my limit. I cannot physically drink more than that these days without feeling really rough

Only do it to socialise with my parents as they drink a fair bit

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Only you can decide that. I dont know your mental health status. The odd bottle i reckon is ok - i wouldnt make a habit of it tho. But your an adult - so only you can decide.

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Alcohol can lessen the effects of APs. That can cause a worsening of positive symptoms

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I guess I won’t. Drink any. :frowning:

It’s too much at risk