I am mentally weak

I should just pull myself together. There are people here with real problems.

That sounds half positive ! If you think you’re doing well I mean. :sunny:

I often feel like I just need to suck it up because other people have real problems.

@firemonkey everyone’s problems are real problems. They’re real to that individual so that is a problem. Its ok to not feel good everyday. So you’re in a slump. That’s ok. So what’s bothering you?

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I wouldn’t say I’m doing ok . I’m just not doing really badly.

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That I’m just socially dysfunctional and basically a useless, no good person.

You shouldn’t be judging yourself on a spectrum of others who have afflictions.

I’ve been right as rain for the last 5 months. but I know I have ‘real problems’ which is why I’m on monthly injections.

As the wise @martinhersey1 once told me…

“Endorse yourself for knowing your limitations!”

(Hmmm…that’s the second time I’ve used that quote this week. But it IS a good one.)

Well I think we are all at least somewhat socially dysfunctional. But your feelings of worthlessness sound like clinical depression. Do you take an antidepressant? Do you see a counselor? You should ask people in your life to tell you what you do that’s good and what they like about you. Sometimes it’s better to see yourself through other’s eyes.

I’m on fortnightly injection. The nurse mentioned about Paliperidone monthly. I can’t see them doing that though as it’s more expensive.

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