I am going to leave my wife because shehe cheater

I think i have enough evidence that my wife is cheating. She reached her breaking point and cheated.
We have been married 10 yrs. Over these 10 yrs I have accused of cheating and basically mildly verbal abused her. REcently she was talking about the men been with in her life and she mentioned a family friend as one of the men she has been with. She did accidentally and now she is saying she did not call his name. This is along with several other evidence of cheating. I heard a recording on the phone of her moaning,on the voice mail. I am pretty sure I am not hearing voices. I am not happy and i can’t continue to hope that things change, so I am moving on.


I don’t 100% proof. This illness will make you . But, I think I am right this time. She could maybe love me genuinely.

Trust comes before love.
Where there is no trust, there will be no love.


thats the problem. I am not able to trust her any more. I am not capable of trust.IT’s better we just move ust it’y on with our lives. She can find some one who is not mentally ill and love her 100%. I have so much mistrus tit’s not funn

The goal is for everyone to be happy, because life is far to long when your miserable.

You two are hard on each other…these situations usually work best divorced. But…

Can you just let worry go for a little while? You have baggage and she is hateful or sex addict. I guess you could try telling her you appreciate her. Thank her every time she does something for you plus spend some effort on the house/cooking/yard. Give into a lot of the stuff she wants to do or buy. Compliment, compliment, compliment, appreciate, appreciate, appreciate… Try the touching thing slightly more and then a little affectionate. See if she is still talking about other men… Then silently decide in 3-4 months…She would probably feel guilty about cheating in this situation and confess.

You may need to go unload your baggage to a therapist so you can release it…You may be a really emotional person who really got worked over a few times so you have blunted these feelings down so far or your parents kept you in a really bad situation, there is little okay you left so you feel threatened every time you want to open up and get ■■■■ from someone…At the slightest frustration or worry, you go off. It could really get you in trouble in the end…If you do a little drugs, eat till really big, drink, gamble or play the video games until you need to go to work, you are doing something compulsive to feel okay which hurts your health over time. It’s just a way to soothe it all trying to dull down the wife problems/worries…and could get you into trouble for acting violently. Try boxing or running to work off frustration after you work this out…

Again, woman may just be a push your buttons bad witch. You may not be okay there ever. If she is the relationship dominant, you will probably always be miserable with her… Get therapy, save the $ and try staying elsewhere a while but know you are done as she will probably hop in bed with someone for whatever reason that is ‘her problems’ …

Is it possible that your paranoia and belief of your wife cheating could be treated? I find it unlikely that she would allow herself to be recorded on voice mail if she was cheating. For 10 yrs you have accused and verbally abused and she didn’t cheat. The likelihood of it happening now seems slim.

However I do agree that if you are unable to find happiness within this relationship than let her move on so that she can find love and happiness.

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That’s barely an evidence, you can’t say that’s you’re wife is cheating on you because she was talking about something in the past! think twice please, it’s not real…cheating is a huge deal, you can’t point out fingers without real evidence, you’re wiser than that.

Listen, your just paranoid, she’s not cheating. Get a grip, before you push away the one you love.