So I'm possibly schizophrenic

The thought never occurred to me until recently at my first counseling appointment in 8 years. My main “delusion” is that my husband is cheating on me. I’m convinced that when he leaves the house he’s cheating. I’ve put key loggers on his phone and computer numerous times. I’ve went out looking for him. I even resorted to putting tape recorders in our house and in his truck. I listened to the recording and heard the tv. Thought it was his friends gf so I called and cursed her out :(. Then I came to the conclusion that it was him abusing our child which led to me calling the police on him. The police thought I was insane but let me go home.
For a while I thought I had gone insane. It lasted a week, in which I cried almost continuously. I couldn’t function at all during this time.
For a few weeks I believed I was going to fall off the earth if I wasn’t under a roof and was outside. So everytime I went outside I would panic.
I’ve believed my in laws were abusing my children. I also believed my husband, my mother, my sister were abusing them.

I believed I was l locked in a closet and abused when I was young because I can’t remember a lot. So I scoured through pictures for hours and hours looking for “signs”.
My most debilitating problem is the cheating thing which I spend most of my days looking for “signs” of my husband cheating by googling him and his screen names.

Does this sound like schizophrenia? I don’t really have a reason to believe any of these things but still feel like they are happening. My thoughts won’t stop. I can’t stand being around other people because they’re all thinking bad thoughts about me.

Sounds paranoid. Could be schizophrenic . . .

thought i would say hi.
you need to see a professional, your behavoiur is, as you know, not normal…
know some one cares.
take care


Never go looking for trouble, because you will find it.

You can drive yourself nuts and those around you when you don’t trust people. Your kids don’t need an unstable mother making their life miserable by tearing the family apart for what you think you believe.
If your thoughts are causing you problems, then it’s time to talk to a professional. Do it for your kids, and family and yourself.


I have catastophic thinking too from time to time. I’ve seen a psychologist to learn to recognize them and realize it’s just a thought. They are hard to cope with when they pop up in my head, but now I don’t panic anymore. I think “is this possible?” “Is this realistic?” “Is this propable?” If the answer is no to any question then I try to calm down and breathe.

You should see a psychologist.


I am seeing one. I started going last week. It’s all just kind of daunting/scary. It’s unhealthy but I’ve been thinking about things I’ve believed and wondering if the beliefs were were or not. I guess I was looking to see if anyone had similar experiences to me.

The thing is, I didn’t realize they weren’t really happening. I am seeing a psychiatrist now. Still in the early stages of getting help but I mainly went for my anxiety and issues with daily functioning/parenting. I realize these things were very unhealthy and wrong. I do worry about having these false beliefs in the future. If I do, in fact, have schizophrenia I’m worried I’ll believe something else and won’t realize it’s not real.

I experienced this during the beginning of my onset. In all fairness though the guy WAS cheating on me, I just couldn’t catch him, and when I DID, I had gotten so off the wall that it didn’t matter anymore because I thought that I would die without him (SHOCKER- I lived).

Only a doctor can properly diagnose you, but if you are hearing/feeling/seeing things, you probably experiencing sz.

Same exact thing here, just add I confronted him repeatedly about him being intentionally mean to me so I would leave him so he could be with his "girl. I lived without him as well-and happy this time too.

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Glad you are seeing a doctor. Has he prescribed any medications for you?

I convinced myself he was a sociopath who was brainwashing me while he was going behind my back doing all of this crazy stuff. The symptoms have been there since I was around 11-12 when I started getting awful anxiety around other people because I knew they were talking about me and making fun of me. I’ve only had a couple of hallucination (a couple auditory and a couple visual) over the years. I do however have vivid hallucinations while I close my eyes quite frequently.

You can be paranoid without having schizophrenia.

Not yet, I go to see the psychiatrist in a few days and they will prescribe and officially diagnose me. I guess I am just feeling kind of upset about this. I haven’t made any friends and I don’t talk to my family except my mother and sister since I started having symptoms. Mostly because I accuse them of something outrageous or I get angry about something. I don’t have support outside of them.

I was thinking about this. I don’t have active hallucinations. Just delusions. Like the time I thought I was going to fall off the earth because gravity was going to cease suddenly. Or when I thought my husband was having swinger parties while I was at school.

And just because your Dx’d paranoid SZ doesn’t mean that everything is not true either.

Getting diagnosed is not the end of the world. Maybe try looking at it as the beginning of a new and hopefully better relationship with your mom and sister. A more safe and secure world for yourself. Wishing you all the best at your appointment in a few days.


Hope someone is going with you.
i bet you will feel better when you can get
a handle on this. Good luck~~~

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I don’t have anyone who’s supportive, really. I wish I did because I know they’d help in the diagnosing process.