Anxiety or Paranoia?

Hello. So, I have a wonderful girlfriend, she’s awesome but one thing, I always come to the conclusion that she’s cheating on me if she is going out with friends or just going home at the end of the night we spend together. It’s constant, I always believe that she’s cheating on me and it’s an overwhelming sense that, she’s done it, I nearly broke up with her because of this and neither of us want that. I don’t know what to do but atleast if I know if it’s anxiety or paranoia I can try and deal with it and/or tell her. Thank you. I’ve only saw her once this week and forgot to tell her, oops. I’ll tell her next week.

I got divorced as result of my delusions of infidelity. I reckon it is more jealousy than paranoia or anxiety. If I were you I would speak to my psychiatrist about those feelings before things get totally out of hand.

Yeah I’ll totally bring it up to my psych next time. I’ve also thought for a long time now that if someone mentions cheating, I see it on a show, news etc that I automatically think it’s telling me that my girlfriend has cheated and I get angry and sad at the same time, not a good combo. Just to add I’ve also thought of suicide or killing her if she actual done it, I know it’s a bit heavy but, that’s how I feel/thin, a lot of the time when I’m not with her It’s all I think about, even though we’re hardly apart.

I can relate to your heavy feelings and thinking. I’ve threatened my ex that I would kill her and her lover if I found them in the act. What you describe by listening to tv etc. sounds to me like delusions. We are discouraged by the rules of this forum not to talk about stuff like suicide as feelings like that you should take up with your psych as soon as possible. The delusions you experience does amp up anxiety and paranoia to a point whereby it becomes unbearable.

I’ve lost a very good girl friend due to my paranoia. I’ve pushed family away due to my paranoia. I was so convinced. I broke up with her, told everyone how she did me wrong. Got really nasty with her ever time she tried to make it up to me. She finally gave up and left the scene completely.

I found out later that the “Dates in question” really were when she was helping her family deal with a grandparent dying to cancer. Just like she said. :frowning:

The last time she dealt with me I really made her feel bad. I was sure she was cheating on me and this ruse of her grandma’s funeral was all just a lie to cover up the ruse. She was finished with me by that point.

I felt the complete Jack@#$ when I accused her of trying to get away from me and cheat on me then I did find the obituary about her grandma in the paper. My paranoia ruined a very good and stable relationship. One of the very few I’ve had.

I’d say talk to your doctor about this one and see if there is a way you can get either this paranoia or anxiety knocked down. I’m glad your able to step back and realize that your T.V. is not the word on this.

I had a girlfriend who I thought was cheating on me due to conversations with the voices so I tried to catch her not at work late at night when she said she was at work. However she was there and really pissed off. She broke up with me because I was acting so crazy. But wanted to stay friends and I got back on meds and won her back. Unfortunately she planned to move back to Ethiopia and I couldn’t live there. Didn’t like Atlanta either so I moved and we broke up. Best girlfriend I’ve ever had.

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I got divorced, because she was actually cheating on me, it was neither paranoia or anxiety. Sometimes its a gut feeling. Maybe this is not your situation, It would be great if you had a therapist to talk to about it.
If anything be honest on how you feel - if you dont like something that she is doing, tell her.