I am freaking the hell out!

Someone has been in my apartment. Someone has a key. This is so messed up. They knocked some ■■■■ over and stole food from my kitchen, left the freezer door wide open. Am I going crazy? This is what it feels like. Could that really be all that they stole? I am not ok right now, sorry, I know freaking out to all of you doesn’t help any. It just doesn’t seem possible, doesn’t make any sense. Maybe it didn’t happen, maybe I’m losing my ■■■■■■■ mind! Or maybe someone really does have a key and they are just ■■■■■■■ with me now! I am so ■■■■■■■ scared

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Hang in there, focus on changing locks, did you alert the police you were robbed?

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Police won’t do anything. I just discovered my Sega Genesis retro console was stolen. Still looking around the apartment.

Damn man. I hope things are alright, what city do you live in if it is not too personal?

And both of my dvd players and my pedestal fan. Yeah, it really happened.

I believe you. Do you have a landlord?

You need to change your locks. Yeah, people will steal weird ■■■■.

They could have merely picked the lock though, but either way you need a new one. Maybe some cameras too.

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Find a new place to live ASAP!
In the meantime call a locksmith like now!
It’s not a safe place to live.

I just called my landlord, left a voice mail on his phone.

That’s a good start. May things turn out well for you.

I may have to email my boss, let him know I can’t come in tomorrow, have to deal with this.

Another good idea. You might even want to give your boss a call.

What a bummer! It would be my guess that someone trying to get drug money broke into your apartment. Let your landlord know as soon as possible.

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I emailed my boss, let him know I might not be able to come in tomorrow, explained the situation. I don’t have his cell number to be able to call him.

This is so ■■■■■■ up

Man we’re your friends here at schiz.com. I wish we could help in person but know that many of us are hoping for your situation to improve.

Wasn’t your place broken into last week too and the door lock broken?

Yes, but that time they busted the door open. This time they seemed to have used a key.

They still left my computer.

Did a locksmith change the lock or was it your landlord? I would contact whoever it was and let them know that someone got in without breaking the lock. Ask them if someone could have gotten hold of a spare key for the new lock.

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