I am a son of Zeus

I have seen Zeus and he has given me his acknowledgment through various incarnations.

Has anyone else seen anything similar

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I am Poseidon…,


I’m sorry, but i don’t think you’re Zeus


Lots of szs have had similar experiences. In every case their mind was playing tricks on them.

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I had a whole alternate world in my head where I was all sorts of things, but that went away with time and meds. Now I’m back in the real world, it’s pretty boring most of the time, but plague and war keep things interesting :roll_eyes:


Before proper medication, yes. I felt divine, and was reading all the signs. Voices would tell me, visions showing me.

It’s just the illness.

I’m sorry you seem to be suffering.


I’m going to ask Zeus where he’s been . I haven’t heard from him since 2020. He loves football games.

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I’m Zeus’s chubby and less successful brother…Balonyous.


That’s amazing. I wish I had some information like that.

Pleased to meet you @Chips, I’m the Walrus.

Coo coo ca choo.

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I am Greek and I don’t have any relation to our pagan religion. It’s beautiful. But it’s mythology

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You can stick any label on it that makes sense, but the truth is that none of this really matters.

Unless you have actual powers I guess, but if that was the case, you wouldn’t be on here posting in unusual beliefs section

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I thought zyzz was the son of Zeus?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ma brother!

Com 'ere


I’ve had delusions similar to that I hope you get some relief from your symptoms

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I still think I am the Universe’s ‘favorite’. That She loves me the most and has communicated directly with me on several occasions. It doesn’t stop me from functioning, though. I work PT and I am going to FT soon on no meds.

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