I am a social animal

i am, even though i spend the majority of my time alone. i have 1 friend who i haven’t talked to since covid, just a couple emails here and there, but i visit a lot with family. and when i go to my nurse’s office to get my meds, i make small talk for a few minutes. i have the perfect situation right now, where i can visit with mom and dad when i get lonely and come home when i want. but when they leave me home alone for days on end, i have trouble and sometimes start to drink to pass the time. i don’t even like to be drunk but never learn my lesson. im worried about the next time they leave me, if i was working a job, it would take care of the problem. i guess the old saying idle hands are the devils playground is accurate for me.


I bet you have the winter blues too.

At least we got sunshine today.

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yeah it just got sunny about 2 hours ago. i’ve spent a good amount of the day sitting on the porch with my beanie on to keep my ears warm.


Your best self might be. But your current self is the way it is. Why feel bad over what you aren’t? Isn’t it kind of a waste of energy.

This is somewhat defeatist, but it may be productive to feel at least a little bad, to motivate you.