I am a mongo

Im totally useless can’t work can’t clean can’t take care of myself I am a parasite totally dependable on welfare system and donations. I only eat delivery food my maid cleans after me only thing I can manage are my bills and bank account but maybe the psychiatrist is gonna take that away from me aswell. Just venting about my useless existence, this society would rather have me dead if it weren’t for the fact that we have meds and psychiatrists and other maffia to take care of us. Life as a vegetable…


You may be that today, but you may grow beyond your limitations.

I’ve gotten into the rare spirit and I’m feeling hopeful, the elections are stressful, but I’m putting work and effort into exercising and the results are that I’m feeling a bit spiffy.

I feel really hopeful. Not that I can build a career, but that I can lead a meaningful life. You don’t need to apologize for being in a bad situation and not succeeding where many would struggle to have hope.


But welfare is available to everyone when they have a disability or need help. If a person gets disabled the safety net is there for them and everyone. Your not taking money from someone’s account. A society that you imagine wants you dead probably also wants to strip away rights from people for arbitrary reasons.


I’m sorry @Paket12 :frowning:

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I feel useless a lot due to lack of motivation. But I get my rare good days.

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I’m sorry you’re so down on yourself. You really do have value. Do you have family?

I heard a woman once say that the key to living for her was learning to love herself no matter what. You’re not stealing from anyone. You have a legitimate illness and you need and deserve help.

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Hang in there, things change
Things get better

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