Down in the dumps today

I really wish i had the capacity to help myself and prevent homelessness. My parents won’t let me live with them even though I need a care giver. I Need food and it’s not coming to me anytime soon. Why can’t there be a greater justice for this illness instead of constant suffering


Soz To Hear That You Are Going Throo Whatever It Is That You Are Going Throo ,

If You Don’t Mynde Me Asking ,

Why Do You Need A Caregiver ?? ,

You Can Type ,

Speak ,

Take Your Pills


Receive Injections ,

Can’t You ?

Or Are You Using A Special Computer For Free Somewhere ???

Honestly ,

I Am Confused …

Your probably eligible for food stamps… you can also try well fare. The stamps are how most homeless people survive I’m pretty sure. It’s limited selection but at least you can eat.

My concentration is poor i can’t do certain things because the mental capacity hasnt found me

Honestly What Types Of “things” Do You Want To Do ??? ,

What Are Your Special Dreams and Such and So Forth ,

Ya Know ,

A Brayne Is A Powerful Thing Yo Yo …

and Thine Respect For Such As A “mental capacity” ,

Means What Exactly ???

I Remain Confused ,


How Are You Using A Computer If You Are Homeless ???

(I Jus Noticed You Edited Your Post) ,

“Why can’t there be a greater justice for this illness instead of constant suffering”

One Can Always Fynde A Way Throo Tha Suffering ,

It Jus Takes A Hope Within That “The Sun Always Rises” ,

and Courage To Face The Universe Without A Pride Of Jealousy and Pointless Anger and Such ,

I Feel I Am Way Off Track Here ,

Still Am Voiding Throo not Much Sleep …

But I Remain Confused On Your Initial First Post Before You Edited It …

Tough To Help That Way .