sorry for all the drama. I feel a little better but still fragile. waiting for my pdoc to call and speak to her about seeing a psychologist. I dunno if I need the hospital or what. im not suicidal but I did cut again bcuz Alien says im a hypocrite if I don’t. I wrote hypocrite in my own blood in my journal to prove im not. Alien and the other voices keep on calling me one and telling me to cut to prove im not a hypocrite but to prove im real. otherwise im functioning sort of. I can talk straight but when I write I go into gibberish. this proves im hypocrite. but I don’t show anyone my journal its secret. Alien and the voices are silent screamers, my thoughts can go off on a tangent to them and then… never mind maybe im making it up im a hypocrite after all and a liar. nevermind sorry.

Saadiqah, you’re in a crisis, a psychologist right now can’t really help you, please go to the hospital, this is an emergency.


Saadiqah, a psychologist can’t help you with the voices. You’re hearing voices, that’s very troublesome, please tell your psychiatrist about it. You need a change in medication most probably.

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that is what alien mean

Does the tone of the voice remind you of anybody close?

@Hadeda It really is time to get some help in the Hospital.

The sooner, the better.

I would not wait any longer - this is a crisis situation.

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We all have trouble with thinking of ourselves sometimes as hypocrites. You don’t have to prove anything to your voices. They aren’t real. We mustn’t let guilt get the better of us. You’re suffering from a delusion. You could benefit from the right medication. If you have a doctor, I suggest you tell him about your voices and let him treat you properly. If you don’t have a psychiatrist, I suggest you go to a hospital, explain truthfully what you are experiencing, and let them treat you. You shouldn’t be harming yourself.

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The first thing to do is get stabilized on medications. After that we need to work on therapy. We’ll be here to listen to you.

Sometimes a tense mind cannot feel the self warmth that would be its own due to the idea that if you relaxed you would make a funny face or an unacceptable one.

@Hadeda, take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Picture yourself as a reed in the wind. When you feel the storm come on, when the voices start, let them blow around you. Don’t argue with them. Don’t agree with them. A reed in the wind sways from side to side, bends low to let the wind pass over her. When the wind stops, she stands tall again.

This is just the wind. It’s not truth. It’s not anything you have to prove yourself to. It’s just voices. Find the cool, quiet center inside yourself and let the wind blow around you.

Honey, you can’t fight the storm on your own. You need to go to the doctor. Since it’s been several days now, I think people here are right, and you should go to the hospital. But get yourself and your family help. You can handle this, but you need help in learning how. You owe it to yourself and your family to learn how.

Best wishes - please feel better soon.

Thanks for all the replies. I spoke to my pdoc on the phone today - she said I must first get my meds from the pharmacy, get onto the right dose (which I did this evening) then if a few more days go by and I still feel bad, then she will get me into a hospital. It seems to me I am not sick enough to be in hospital, bcuz I can function a little still and the voices aren’t constant. I haven’t cut since yesterday or the day before. Hubby thinks I will be fine. Only thing is, he will be going to stay in hospital for a week from tomorrow for routine epilepsy diagnostic tests, so I will be home alone. Hope I can cope! Will see if the meds help…

cough did you have a breakup recently?