Hurting Really Bad

Hello all, I’m happy for this forum - a lot of good topics. I’m dealing with a lot of hurt re: my health and my mother isn’t supportive. Could really use some encouragement. Thank you for reading.

Well hey ,we try to help , my ‘new’ name here is catfish but I’ve been here for awhile.

If you want to talk and let it go ,well do that we here.

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You can always get support here. We’re glad to have you.

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Thank you I shared with my mother that I was dealing with a lot of isolation, poverty and pain ---- she basically told me ‘whatever’ Thing is, she went on at length about her doctor retiring…how she might have to use a cane…and on it goes…I’m thinking about REALLY pulling back from her.

Some mom’s just aren’t all that supporting, that’s for sure.
It’s good that you are looking elsewhere for support.
Let us know what you need, so we can help.


Thank you I just need to know that I can get to feeling better. This is a challenging time - I’m very concerned about how things are going with my pdoc and mental health care team. Plus I’m generally feeling like a lot of people are against me. True, I am paranoid, but I don’t think it’s all unfounded.

The stress of it all caused my clanging association to come back - but it’s under control now.

I just cracked under the pressure of stress. I find that walking helps my stress.


Sorry to hear that - wishing you a speedy recovery.

Welcome @Tomasina.

My mom is not supportive either. We solved the problem. We don’t talk about my illness. She wants me off my meds because they are bad for you. She does not understand.

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Thank you not talking about my illness with her makes sense – good idea. This may well sound petty - but I’m not much about giving her support for her health situation now after how she belittled me.

Well come on man it’s your ma,also maybe she’s getting up there to the point that she’s mentally unaware of anything outside of her life,as much as we don’t want it to happen still it does.

i was lucky enough to find a friend who i could trust that i could rely on to help out or come over when i felt really bad so i’ll be pray you find a good friend like that, that you can talk to, my mum didnt understand bc she was deaf and my dad tried his best but he didnt take any nonsense but sat up with me late at night sometimes and came to visit in hospital. but it was very hard in my house with not really anyone to talk to.

Catfish - thank you your input

Daydreamer, Thank you for your prayers.

thought i would say hi.
this forum has helped me heaps :smiley:
take care :alien: