Has your family been supportive

How have your family reacted to your mental health problems ?
my mum is so unsupportive she just changes the subject or say that i am attention seeking
my biological dad has been supportive but he is living far away from me
my sister dont seem to care
But my husband has been very supportive he looks after me he comforts me when am ill
makes sure am safe i love him so much

has your famly been supportive ?

Being married was the reason for my label, same with the in laws.
My family is too busy with their own problems and we don’t talk about mental illness. My mom has started to listen to my reason for my past behavior, and it makes a lot more sense.

Yes, my parents were supportive when I lived with them, and now my husband is too. Depends on my symptoms, though, because if I come across as irritable, sometimes he loses it too. but if I am feeling depressed, then he looks after me nicely :blush:

At first when my family didn’t understand the full implications of my disease I didn’t get much support. These days I still see my family quite a bit and my mom especially comes and visits me about once every two weeks.

My parents don’t talk about my mental illness but they gave me some money every now and then as they see I don’t have a job. My sisters talked about my illness but they can’t fully understand how awful this disease is including the side effects of the medcine. They still believe I can come off meds once after a ceratin period of medication. The most supportive is my husband. he listened patiently to my explanation and my ptoc’s advice and fully understand the consequences of this illness. He is supportive about me noting taking any job due to the side effects of the antipsychotics.

My family has been very supportive, and I am grateful. My sister and brother-in-law swung by and took me out to eat Thai food last Thursday. My brother is my legal guardian, and I call him once a week. My mother was very supportive when she was alive.

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My parents and my kid sis are my support. They have stuck by me through the worst.

two of my brothers and I are just now repairing some past damage and getting to know each other again.

One of my brothers… NO… we stay away from each other.

Yes, very supportive. I am very grateful for their support. I couldn’t have done it w/out them. There was SZ/suicide present in close family history, so they had prior experience as well.

If you’re going through this on your own and seeking treatment, you’re stronger than you know. I salute you

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My family has been VERY supportive for 30 years. They have helped me immensely. My parents arranged all my hospitalizations when I needed them.They included me in lots of fun things through the years until I started turning down invitations a few years ago. But my sister still has me over for dinner and games every Tuesday night and my other sister comes too.Sometimes we go out to eat. But when I was in the hospital for 8 months my parents visited me EVERY day and brought me little treats. My parents got me into one of the best Residential Treatment homes in our area in1982. The rent was $2000 a month in '80s dollars. I traveled with my dad and my step-mom. In my disease I have flown across the country a few times, one year my family all went to Las Vegas for Christmas and gambled and saw entertainment. I was best man at my dads wedding. All while I was sick. I lived with my sister form 1995-98. I pulled my own weight with bills and cleaning. I’ve done a lot with friends too.


no one apart from mrs.sith helped me…
take care

My family is supportive. I work for my dad, but I did that when we thought I was healthy. I was younger though. My step mom has been to mental hospitals for her anxiety, so we’ve bonded more over those experiences. I kind of help to make mental illness okay to talk about in the family, because with me there is so much ground to cover. My mom’s brother had sz, so she had an idea of what to expect.

I try to help them too. I try to be supportive and back them up in front of the kids. I help pay the bills with mom, which she really needs right now. At work dad’s secretary has a bad knee, so she can’t walk anywhere. I run errands, and do the things she hates to do, like close files. I’m supportive towards my step mom, she can talk to me about things.


My brother and I never speak of it, I don’t think he understands what I have, we tend to keep medical problems to ourselves my parents are supportive of me, they let me live with them rent free, and don’t try and force me to look for work (since I’m on SSI right now I get some money coming though I would like more than what I have but am afraid to go to SSI and ask for an increase since I’m a single woman living at home rent free, knowing my luck they’d reduce the amount they give me).

I just do simple chores around the place like it’s my job to clean up after dinner every night, (I tend to get one night off from it a week unless we eat out then I get like two). I’ll do laundry if they ask me too, and take care of my cat. They seem to know when I"m upset about something (I’m not one to readily open up at a drop of a hat and they tend to have to push it out of me) I have a friend who is like a sister to me that is very supportive of me, though I haven’t gotten to see her much as of late because she lives 2 hours away from me, and is busy working to help her own family out. I’ve had a few delusional panic attacks in front of her and she’s helped me through them and she didn’t feel she was enough she’d bring her mom in to help who is like extended family to me as well…

As for Aunt’s/Uncle’s/Cousin’s not many of them know I have Schizophrenia, I try to hide it from them. I’ve told one of my cousin’s and I know my dad’s family likes to gossip so I don’t know how far it’s gotten but they don’t treat me any differently.

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I am going to say yes, for the most part my family have been supportive, but not always understanding - if this makes sense


My wife is my support. She always talks me down instead of threatening me with the hospital. I don’t respond well to threats, so she’s learned some new skills on me.

My family was very supportive and I am very grateful to them. It would have been hell not having people around who deep down I knew were on my side and there for me. My boyfriend tries to be supportive, but at times he just doesn’t understand. He hasn’t seen me at my worse and doesn’t understand that I’m still recovering. For instance, he was giving me a hard time about not being motivated to do anything. I tried to explain its a negative symptom of sz, but he acts like I should just be able to get over it. He’s very good to me though and knows when to back off when I get irritated, but it remains to be seen how he will handle the crisis part. Family though has played a huge supportive role.

Yes,they have been,i feel i am the one letting down,but i had tried…will keep going on

S-u-p-p-o-r-t-i-v-e f-a-m-i-ly? What’s that?

I lived with my family. They don’t understand my condition so much. But i really love them. They are all i have left right now.

my immediate family is quite supportive, although, I believe my mom has trouble resolving to this day that I have sz. she thinks if I would try harder… it would go away.


I lived with my parents for the first 6 years(dad), 3 years(mum-but regular contact) and there was a lot of high expressed emotion from my mum and contradiction from my dad. Result from 75-83 I was in and out of hospital and took several overdoses.
Since living independently ie not with parents one overdose in 31 years and no admissions. My dad has never really been interested in how I am feeling whereas my mum would turn ever situation with me into a drama for her and a further excuse to drink.
My sister never checks to see if I’m ok , my brother does occasionally but I don’t bother him if I can help it as he has his own health issues.