Do you feel you need more support?

I often do feel like I don’t have enough emotional support. what do you do? where do you turn when you feel this way?



Rely on parents especially my mum
Used to have a very good support worker but that service not around now

I have to rely on my tdoc, I don’t have strong family connections any longer. Since findinding out my diagnosis my daughter has stayed away.

I don’t know how to ask for support. Mostly I’m not sure what I really need help with ie not really understanding what’s wrong with me.

Although when I do ask for something specific it’s just not around or available. IDK if it’s a communication problem with me mostly but clueless on how to fix it.

I live in an assisted living center for the menatally ill. Because of that I am surrounded by people who are mentally ill like me. I don’t feel cut off from those around me. When I am in a crisis there are case managers to help me, but they have other clients too, and they aren’t always able to give me individualized attention. A person doesn’t get too much attention from staff around here unless he is running amok. Still, I feel like I have support, because I don’t feel like the odd man out.

It seems like I can use a lot more support - I like my therapist but will be adding someone more hands on and empathetic to my treatment team in my near future.
Someone I can call anytime, when I am freaking out for some reason.

I don’t have much support. I am sort f alone in the world. My mother has and I guess will never understand. She seems to be more totally wrapped in herself and what ails her. I have my therapist who is very excellent. I have my beloved feline friend; but she likes to meow too much sometimes. I have the memories of my late beloved sister. Sometimes, I get support from unusual sources like the Avon lady, my banker, or the insurance people whom I am working with about car stuff. The latter mentioned don’t really know about my true condition, though. I should say that this forum helps so very very much. I don’t know where I would be without all you wonderful humans who post here. Even my therapist approves. I would never tell my mother I post here. She would start hollering with her paranoid caution words and making my stomach and head hurt!

Yes, my therapist laughs at things I feel are serious problems for me. I mean I will explain something that is awful for me and she laughs. I don’t know why, I have called her on it and she doesn’t apologize. I am also in a psychologically devastating relationship that I am trying to extract myself from.

It sounds like the missing thing in your lives is a partner who loves you for you, is understanding, forgiving, and supportive. Someone who will always stand beside you no matter what.
That’s what most people need and want. You just have to find that person.

I try to be all that for the man I love. I’m certainly not perfect but I try to be better for him. I would do anything in the world for him.

I don’t need support, i don’t need much money, i don’t need anything.

Im just done and want out.