Humiliation as a result of bizarre behavior

I am dealing with humiliation regarding my bizarre behavior as a result of my schizophrenia before I was diagnosed. I am now in treatment and doing better but the damage to my reputation is done.


Yes the same thing happened to me. I built new friends, the quicker you forget about the old ones the better. I hardly see anyone from the old days anymore outside my family, most are new friends cuz of mental illness and stuff.

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I know the feeling.

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Yea it was one of the good things about the asylums: cut the traumatic contact with people that saw your breakdown.

happened to me…
and is still happening even now im on meds

I’m really embarrassed and disgusted at one of the delusions I had. I know many people were disgusted with me also, but they just didn’t want to say it to my face…

Trying to be as generic as possible as the site discourages religious talk. But I think in some ways it’s not bad to recognize that there could be some spiritual aspects to the illness . If you believe in the spiritual you probably believe that it is a force that is relivent in life. Why not in mental illness. We seemed incouraged to do things that are not good for our lives ,where does this come from. There is hope and goodness, not just the negative.