How to Quit Being Bored?

Step 0.1.3) |||+|||~Patiently, Silently, Peacefully, Capture, And Analyze, to Grasp The Brave, Helpful, Quiet, Miraculously Embedded, Gorgeous Beauty. That Kindly, Graciously, Honorably Finds, Directs, And Locates itself Calmly. Dividing, And Antiseptically, Cleanly, And Metaphorically Separating it’s Wander From The Filthy Dirt of Meaningless Chaos. Within The Isolated Destructive Storms And Patterns of Endlessly Absent, Dark, Ignorance And Greed. With The Goal, Not to Judge. But to Walk On Without Fear~|||+|||

Thanx Once Again!, (In Advance), For Your Future Contributions or Subtractions to ‘Step 0.1.3’!.

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Go for walks… read, if you watch TV … find something interesting…maybe a comedy…

Try cooking something new… bake even…

Go to the beach or a lake… be near water… let the fresh air soothe you…

Thanks For The Recommendations @LunaNoir!.

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Sixpence None The Richer~ ‘Kiss Me’. (Song/Video/1997).

Nine Inch Nails~ ‘All The Love in The World’. (Song/2005).

Aqua~ ‘Barbie Girl’. (Song/Video/1997).

(Thus Album is So Good, You Shouldn’t Be Listening)

(Sarcasm of Course)

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(Thus Album is So Peaceful, it’s Chaotic)

(Sarcasm of Course)

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(Thus Album is So Beautiful, it’s, Well, it’s Beautiful)

(Nope, No Sarcasm Here)

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and a good day to be a recluse spider as well

Well, Truth Be Told, There is Nothing More Happy Than a Recluse Spider… . … :snake: :sleeping: :snake:

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Side Note:::~ I Was Walking to The Closest Gas Shop Today, to Pick up Some Soda. And a Girl Drove By Looking at Me Like, ‘What’s He Doing’?. And Truth Be Told, I Was Peacefully Walking. And Kinda Looked Behind Me And Watched Her Keep Driving Down The Road. Wondering What Was Confusing Her. The I Turned Back Around And Kept up With The Usual Pace to The Shop. Well…, a Few Minutes Later She Pulled Up Beside Me With Her Window Down And Was Like, ‘Do You Need a Ride’?.

I Laughed And Looked Around. And Was Like, ‘I’m Enjoying The Day, But Thanks!’.

She Still Seemed Confused. But I Said Happily, ‘But Thanx For The Offer’!. She Still Looked Confused And Was Like, ‘Well, I’m Not Doing Anything Today SoO0’.

I Jus Laughed And Said, ‘I’m Good, But Thanx’!. And She Smiled And Said, ‘Okay!, Have a Good Day’!.

And Off She Went.

It Felt Good Though. To Get That Kind of Trust From a Stranger.

O.k. Side Note Over.

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(((American Folk Singer, And Social Activist)

‘Education is What You Get When You Read The Fine Print. Experience is What You Get if You Don’t’~ Pete Seeger

A Fixture on Nationwide Radio in The 1940’s. Had a String of Hits in The 1950’s as a Member of ‘The Weavers’. Most Notably The Recording of, Lead Belly’s~ ‘Goodnight, Irene’.

Which Topped The Charts For 13 Weeks in 1950.

(May 3, 1919—January 27, 2014)

Look into The Mirror.
And Say, ‘Hello, I Miss You’!.


(Indian Jurist, Economist, Politician, And Social Reformer)

‘Life Should Be Great Rather Than Long’~ B R Ambedkar (Babasaheb)

Inspired The Dalit Buddhist Movement And Campaigned Against Social Discrimination.

(April 14, 1891—December 6, 1956)

I quit being bored by finding balance between relaxing and reading or doing something else and also asking ppl to give me a kick. Lol.

By having that balance I don’t get bored of either too quickly.

It’s a hypothesis for now. :sweat_smile:

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