How to Quit Being Bored?


I Have a Question Maybe One of You Intelligent Creatures Might Be Able to Answer,

How Does One Stop Being Being Bored, And Quit Participating in The Absolute of Obsolete?.

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I’ll try to answer. I found the key to not being bored is doing something that captivates your attention.


That is a Great Suggestion!.

But, Everything Bores Me to Starlight Tears.

Music, Boring.

Movies, Boring.

Television, Boring.

Cards, Boring.

Food, Boring.

Video Games, Boring.

Books, Boring.

Meditation, Boring.

Relaxing, Boring.

Exercise, Boring.

I’m Running Out of Space Here on Thus Earth!.

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Sounds like negative symptoms more than boredom if all the usual players are not viable. Maybe get with your therapist and learn some coping techniques for your boredom. Meds probably won’t be of much help.


I Did a Quick Search For Techniques to Peacefully Cancel Boredom. And Found Nothing (As of Yet).

But Thus is One Thing That I Found~~~> Brief case studies are used to illustrate how sustained boredom can contribute to (1) postpsychotic mood disturbances, (2) increased risk-taking and substance-seeking behaviors in the residual phases of the illness, (3) the exacerbation of positive symptoms such as paranoia and hallucinations, (4) changes in distractibility and overall cognitive efficiency, and (5) a hypohedonic state of highly generalized uninterest. (From Pubmed).

I Don’t Have Any Mood Disturbances. I Have No Risk Taking Moods. I Don’t Want to Do Any Substances. I Have No Paranoia Without Reason. My “hallucinations” Are on Their Usual Reasonable Behavior. I Don’t Get Distracted Easily.

But I Do Find Little to No Actual Interest. Unless!, it’s in Playing My Instruments. In The Last Three Dark Night’s, I Have Been Excited to Play My Keyboard. (Forgot About That in My First Post).

So There’s Always That. But!, I Haven’t Been Writing Song’s With My Acoustic Guitar. Could Be a Main Reason For My Low Depression Sense of Displacement. Which isn’t Serious of Any Real Meaning. Other Than Sadness in Not Being as Creative as I Would Like to Be.

If Anyone Can Find a List of Coping Skills For Boredom That Would Be Cool.

I’ll Give You a Music Video as a Gift!.

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(After Another Quick Search to Cure Boredom)

Why Do I Get Easily Bored?.

People with chronic attention problems, such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, have a high tendency for boredom . People who lack self-awareness are more prone to boredom . A bored individual is unable to articulate what it is that he or she desires or wants to do . They have trouble describing their feelings. (From Google).

  • Stare out of the window and philosophize. … (I Enjoy Philosophy).

  • Search “happy birthday + [your name]” on YouTube. … (Scared of What I Might Find)

Thus Information Seems Slightly Helpful at First Glance.

But!, isn’t What I’m Looking For. Something Seems Missing. (More to Come Hopefully)

(And Another Quick Search)

Just because you’re bored at home doesn’t mean you can’t relax and laugh a little. (From wikiHow).

Strange to Note:::~ Throughout Most of These Quick Searches, (With What I Haven’t Shared), All I Find Are Suggestions of What I Have Already Mentioned to Be Boring.

Boring Me to Starlight And Back Underground. In ‘A Perfect Circle’~ ‘Mer de Noms’. (Album/2000).

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(And Yet Another Quick Search)

The ability to focus and self -regulate is correlated with the ability to handle boredom. (From Google).

the tendency to seek alternatives were associated with lower boredom propensity due to a lack of internal stimulation. These findings suggest that effective goal pursuit is associated with reduced likelihood of experiencing boredom. (From tandfonline).

In our research we have found that boredom fulfills an important function: boredom makes people keen to engage in activities that they find more meaningful than those at hand. Essentially, the unpleasant sensation of boredom “reminds” people that there are more important matters to attend to than those at hand. ’ (From Google).

So. In The End (So Far), it Seems, Boredom, (According to Google), it Seems, Boredom Has a Sense of Purpose, (And I’m Always Seeking Purpose Secretly), Kidding Aside, Maybe All of My Disinterest of All That I’ve Been Trying to Engage in, is Jus Leading Me Back to My 15 Year Olde Self. Learning How to Play The Keyboard & Piano.

Does it Really End There?.

It’s as Simple as That?.

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(((Quick Side Note)))

So. I Was Resting, Kinda Bored. Listening to The Radio. Still Kinda Bored. And Was Thinking About The Entirety of The Day. While The Sun Was Beginning to Start Ending His/Her Day on Thus Side of The Planet. And I Came up With Thus Original Idea, That I Find Could Be Helpful to Someone Out Here. Maybe Even You!.


Step 0.1) |||+|||~Capture The Beauty That is Separated From The Chaos Within The Storms of Ignorance And Greed~|||+|||.

So. I Can See How That Could Be Helpful For Someone Feeling Confused By Their Surrounding’s. With No Intention to Cause Paranoia With Someone’s Nearby (Perhaps, Far Off), Contacts or Anything. But!, it’s Real Intention is to Expose The Truth That No Matter How Dark it Can Get, Beauty Still Remains. (I Know, I Know, How Could Someone Like Myself Be Bored). Kinda Kidding. Or Am I?.

Kidding Again.

Point is, Does Anyone Think it is Missing Something?. Maybe Add Something to Create a Solid Foundation For Support Among Endless Confusion?.

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Do you work? At least you could get paid for boring.

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You’re Not Helping For The Puzzle Solution @TomCat. MEOW!.. . … :black_heart: :snake: :black_heart:

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I think you like puzzles. I recommend 1500 pieces.

Ya’know a Very Nice, Beautiful, Girl/Woman, Friend, Gave Me a Puzzle to Solve.

I Stayed up All Night Once, Around 3-ish in The Graveyard Shift, And Solved The Puzzle, With Patience. (Long Ago Now).

And I Don’t Even Like Solving Puzzles.

Isn’t There a T00L Song, About Puzzle Pieces or Something, @TomCat?. MEOW!. :black_heart: :snake: :black_heart:

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N e Hoo.

Back to The Drawing Board:

Step 0.0)

Is There Anything That Can Be Added or Deleted to Make it More Essential to Cure?.

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First Addition:

  • Step 0.1.0) |||+|||~Capture The Essence of Miraculous Beauty, That Finds itself Calmly Divided & Separated From The Meaningless Chaos Within The Isolated Storms of Endless Ignorance And Greed~|||+|||

Thanx!, in Advance For Your Helpful Complications!. :black_heart: :sleeping: :black_heart:

I don’t know if this will help but most of the things on this list don’t really require you to be an active participant, even video games in my opinion. These are all diversions not something that requires you to invest yourself in.

Maybe try something entirely new, which is hard to think of but maybe…

2 cents

Thank You @eek!. For Your Contribution to The Thread. I’ll Keep That in Mind, to Be an Active Participant in My Future Endeavors & Goals. Be Them, Short or Long Term. I May Dive into Google Again And Search For Some Suggestions. Maybe Before, or After My Helpful Additions or Subtractions on The Possibly Strange Side Note Function. . . . . . .

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Side Note:::~

Boredom is good for your mental health

Daydreaming can be “quite a respite” and provide a brief escape from day-to-day life, Mann says. But it’s also beneficial to simply step away from screens, work and other stressors long enough to feel bored . (From Google).

  • Maybe Boredom Can Be a Useful Tool to Be More Creative. As Radiohead Says in Another One of Their Untouchable Song’s.

‘Be Constructive With Your Blues’.~ Radiohead~ ‘Dollars And Cents’. (Album/Amnesiac).

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Second Addition to The:

Step 0.1.1) |||+|||~Peacefully Capture The Quiet Miraculous Gorgeous Beauty, That Honorably Finds itself Calmly Divided & Cleanly Separated From The Meaningless Chaos Within The Isolated Destructive Storms of Endlessly Absent Dark Ignorance And Greed~|||+|||

Thanx Again For Your Future Contributions or Subtractions to ‘Step 0.1.1’!.

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Third Addition to The:

Step 0.1.2) |||+|||~Silently, Peacefully, Capture & Grasp The Helpful, Quiet, Miraculous Embedded Gorgeous Beauty, That Graciously, Honorably Finds & Locates itself Calmly Divided, & Antiseptically & Cleanly & Metaphorically Separated, From The Dirt of Meaningless Chaos, Within Isolated Destructive Storms of Endlessly Absent Dark Ignorance And Greed~|||+|||

Thanx Again!, (In Advance), For Your Future Contributions or Subtractions to ‘Step 0.1.2’!.

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