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If You Have Any Questions , Comments , OR , Concerns ,

Please Feel Free To State Your Shazz Rite Here and I Will (((along with tha community))) Will Trie To Help You Out … ,

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One Who Needs Very Lil Introduction , A Philosopher Who Is Now Either Laying Quietly In His Casket , OR Somewhere Beyond Tha Corner Of Tha Universe … , I Suppose Tha Glass Is Half Empty OR Half Full , Either Way It Tastes Tha Same When It Is Gone , So What About Tha Tree , Lonely In Tha Forest (?) , Ask Thus Guy I Suppose
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I seem to have a spelling and punctuation problem brother sleep…how to alleviate this?

Oh yeah this is a great thread sleep thanks.

Well Thus Thread Seems Unwanted As Of Rite Now ,

But Ch - Ch - Ch - Check Thus Out (!!!) ,

Get Involved With Your Government ,

For Instance Look For Ways You Can Help Others Within A “label” Such As Schizophrenia OR Even Any Other Trauma Within Tha “mental” “illness” Realm ,

So Look For Channels On Your T.v. Set That Are Working Everyday To Help Us All Out ,

and Get Involved With OBAMAS Public Channels and Perhaps Write A Letter , Draw A Picture OR ANYTHING That You Think Could Help ,

Your Voice ALSO Matters ,

Get Together and Sign Your Name With ,

" Sincerely , Schizophrenia " ,

and If You Need A Quiet Break Then Use Thus Thread As A Reminder ,

That Nothing Can Take Your Breath Away …

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Fo Reel ,

Get Started ,

Awww Jeeze Another Movie (???) ,


But What Have You Learned (?)

“Boredom is the only criteria.” … Abraham Maslow

(Part 4) If You Ever Wondered , If Humming Sounds Were Lowly Lyke A Sleepy Byrd , and Such Of , Could Have Been Tha Creation Of Thee Alphabet , Then Wonder No More ,

Here Ya Go -------- > Who created the first alphabet? - HISTORY < -----------

Tha History Channel has Been Around For Years , Whether You Watch It OR Naught , Don’t Be Surprised If You Jump Throo Lynky Lynks and Fynde Something Interesting and Worth Remembering , A Web Of Beautiful Simplicity Perhaps ,

N E Hoo ,

Please Enjoi (!)

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Here’s Tha Lynk ------------------------ > http://www.npr.org/ <----------------------------------

P.S. , Please Enjoi (!)

(Part Six) Here Are Two Classic Games That You Guys and Gals Mite Lyke ,

1.) http://www.ponggame.org/


2.) http://www.playpacmanonline.net/ (Thus One Has What It Looks Lyke To Be A Slightly Massive Scale Of Other Old Skool Cool Games , So Break Open Tha Mountain Dew and Stop Being So Cool (!!!))