I'm Bored, Are You Bored, Let's Talk About it


I Get Little Feedback.

Pretty Much Everywhere All The Time.

Not Usually a Big Deal or Anything, I’m Pretty Content With Everything, Kinda.

Humility, Modesty, Low Key, Keep to Myself & Enjoy The Weather.

N e Hoo.

If You’re Bored, Feel Free to Press The Button And or Buttons You Press to Respond to a Human Being Who is Usually Chill… . … :100:


I’ll Talk to The White Screen in The Meantime For a Bit, as I Wait.

Dear Screen,

I Could Play My Keyboard But I Get Weary Playing on The Floor.

I Need an Extension Cord For The Outlet Near The Chair.

Broke Though.

Spent All My Dimes on Soda’s & Smokes.

There’s a Curfew Where I Live, or Otherwise I’d Be Outside Right Now Enjoying The Sky And Cricket Song’s.

I’m Wandering… . … :100:

Dear Screen,

My Topic Title Looks Out of Place Amongst The Other Threads, & Slightly Weak.

I’m Not Editing it Though, I Hate Editing.

I too am bored. This forum is mostly dead this time of night.

I Thought Most SZ & SZA “disorder” Peeps Usually Had a Difficult Time Letting The World Go And Slumber… . …

I’m up. Getting ready to throw on Coast to Coast. :slight_smile:

Are you still making music, @ATARI?

Kinda, in a Way, Sorta, Sorta, Sorta.

I Have One New Chord Structure Waiting For Lyrics.

Since The Stimulus I Have Some New Music Equipment Ready to Be Ordered… . …

Sweet! Keep making tunes.

I need to get back into playing guitar. :guitar:

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I Love Playing The Guitar at Like The Usual 3:00 a.m. Hours. When The World is a Graveyard.

But Honestly My Advice Would Be to Definitely Get Back into it!.

And What is Coast to Coast (???)… . …

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I think he was talking about “coast to coast am” It’s a late night talk radio show. Lots of weird subjects mostly. I havnt listened to it in years.

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Not Sure if I Heard of it.

My Only Access to Radio Talk, Outside of Podcasting, is Npr… . …

Maybe Spotify Stuff,

But I Don’t Have The Patience For Spotify These Days… . …

Wow @Bowens,

That Was Quick.

I Might Check it Out.

The Description Reminds Me of Those Old Grocery Store Papers… . …

Most talk radio stations play Coast to Coast am around midnight.

I’ll Search My Radio Maybe Tonight…,

But if it’s Only on Am, My Radio Will Punch Me For Thinking About it… . …

Which Probably Doesn’t Make Much Sense Since @Bowens Posted a Link.

I Jus Have a Tough Time Listening to Stations Online… . …


Being Bored. What is to Learn Within The Sphere of Boredom?.

Nothing?. Everything?. Do Our Spirits, Souls, Auras, The Line Surrounding Our Flesh, All of Our Circuits of Energy. Somewhere Within The Spaces of Curiosity And Confusion?.


I’m Bored.

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There is Thus Olde, Olde, Song That Sings, ‘If You’re Bored Then You’re Boring’!.

I Remember Hearing That When I Was Younger And Felt Like I Heard Ancient Wisdom Coming From The Speakers.

Didn’t Purchase The Album Though… . …


Maybe That Lyric From That Song Has a Connection to Me Right Now.

A Deep Spiritual Connection Between Me And My Heartless Past.

Maybe I Should Listen to it Right Now And Discover The Secrets That Song Shared With Me to Discover Right at Thus Very Moment.

So. SO. SOo. SOo0, Inspiring… . … :100: