How to prepare for the end of the world as we know it?

I’m not really talking about an apocalypse or big event ending everything. I’m sure it will happen more slowly and subtly, but things are ending and nothing is sustainable.

I’m very interested in computer programming and software design, but I feel as if I should abandon any such interests because the end is approaching and all technology will become obsolete/nonfunctioning. I’m good with bicycles, but the roads will begin to deteriorate. Everything that I’m interested in or have a talent for is going to be useless soon. How do I spend my time correctly to prepare for this decline? Will I die when this happens? If so, does it matter what I do now or should I focus on religion to make peace with impending demise? I am going to die anyway so is it the death of the human race that is troubling me?

I am thinking about this all the time and feel like I cannot do anything correctly to prepare myself for what is to come.

They’ve been predicting the end of the world for two thousand years or more. You can’t run your life on the premise that the apocalypse is going to happen soon. It’s possible it could happen tomorrow. But it’s also VERY possible that it won’t happen for thousands of years. Do you really want to waste your present life worrying about something that might not happen for another two thousand years?


I don’t have those fears often, but now that you mentioned it I’m starting to feel a little bit like I want to be prepared.

Thing is, we are all going to die someday, it’s just the exact date is unknown.

Keeping an open mind,having a good sense of humor, and a good imagination can help take care of many terrible things in reality, so does learning to be more flexible, resiliant, and adaptive to change.
Becoming educated in being as self sustaining as possible helps to feel more in control, and nothing wrong with stocking up on peanut butter and jelly too.

But, just think what would happen if you spend your whole life preparing/learning to do all the “right” things for this impending doom,
but you find yourself waking up day after day after day,
then one day when you’ve passed the 80+ year mark,
you suddenly realize that the worst thing that has happened… is nothing?


What do you mean by “prepare yourself” ?

If it happens, it happens. I don’t really care.

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I used to worry a lot about this issue. Now I’m like @astefano I don’t really care anymore.

If you can, read this book

Id enjoy the apocalypse. I would be so excited to witness it

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Look to Lenny Bruce.

It would be such a pity for civilization to be destroyed now, because we have finally reached a point where life can be something other than a brutal struggle for the average person. The quality of life today is much better than it has ever been in the past. I want it to continue.

End of the World means no anti-psychotics and that means end of life.

More and more people are do deep into technology… they forget how to do simple functional things.

You should see the chaos that happens when an automatic door sensor goes out…

It was a lot of people starting to panic and get angry… standing in the rain… pulling out the smart phones checking if the building had a closure… speculating what could possibly be going on… complaining how they drove all the way down to the pool to find it closed…

I saved the day by by firmly gripping the door handle… and opening the door manually… all was well.

I believe man will be his own demise… since I have an organic life… I’m a gardener… I’m used to being outside… I don’t live with many high tech things… I’m not in a job that requires a lot of high tech… I’ll be ok.


How did you find your job? Did you choose it for sustainability or passion?

As others have mentioned - people have been predicting this for many hundreds of years, since the first technology was developed. There is no real solid evidence of this. Its going to take longer than our lifetimes if it ever does happen.


I certainly am not going to build a doomsday shelter anywhere because if there is no God to deliver us from all the evil crap going on then there really is no point in doing that , and besides I don’t like the idea of saving myself just so that I will survive because I may be coming out of the shelter to find a complete mess anyway. So I will just go on believing that there is a God.

Actually… I found it by accident…

I was encouraged to try a part time work program/ vocational training between the city and the hospital outpatient program. There were about 20 of us tapped for this.

I started as a part time janitor… cleaning bathrooms at the community centers before they opened for the day… when the same job came up for parks bathrooms… I got transferred…

worked up to 3/4 time… got to do more landscaping stuff…(just clearing trail… cutting ivy… pruning bushes… )

Then I got transferred again to the gardening part of it… That is wen I began to fall in love with this job…

Working with the community food gardens… (every neighborhood has a few) helping low income families grow their own food… and the extra get’s donated to the food banks… I really became passionate about this…

I had to use the food bank when I was homeless… so for a chance to help others who were homeless made me really get serious about this job.

Now I’m in school for horticulture so I can learn more and do more.


That’s beautiful!

The way I see it, play the game have fun until it’s over. Life’s short


@SurprisedJ That’s amazing. You’re amazing.

@levelJ1 Are you referring to the Queen song: The Game?

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I mean like the game of life. Life is just a big game :blush: