The end of the world preparations

I used to think that those people who purchased a lot of food and other things in their preparation for the end of the world were nuts, but now I have changed my mind, because the prices of food items have risen so much and now these people have a lot of food in their storage and they can eat this food while others must buy this expensive food. So I changed my mind. I would not be surprised at all, if there are some food crisis in the future.

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77Nick77 i hear has a lot food he bought on line, i think he is already waiting for the apocalpse !
he has got the good stuff aswell , popcorn and brownies !
smart 77Nick77 always thinking ahead .
take care


I have 12 bottles of laundry detergent+ 3 boxes of powdered detergent. :tshirt:

My clothes will be nice and clean when the apocalypse comes.


I have some bottles of water I’ve collected, but have been dipping into them.

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Lol…You’re right darksith!


It’s always good to be prepared for disasters, perhaps it should even be a rule to do so, this would cut down on the cannibalism.

It’s getting close isn’t it.

Cannibalism, yeah! . I’m all prepared with my George Foreman grill.


But what if you are the one for dinner?

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I’d take a shower first out of respect.


Showering is over-rated.

Like just the other day i was in there washing my horrendous dying flesh body and i noticed the hexagram on the body wash bottle, i asked “why the body wash? Is that nessecary? it’s just body wash.”

It’s overrated when you have to look at pentagrams and hexagrams in there.

Is that like that syndrome where the ones harming you you actually begin to enjoy or something? Or maybe they lie to everyone, i don’t know really.

Hmmm. Hexagram. Maybe it means it wasn’t tested on animals. I did a paper in college on using animals to test products.

Poor little guys, may they have their revenge, they don’t even know they are being tortured just so we can get laid and smell good at our stupid jobs so we can buy more of them to devour after torturing them.

They put rabbits in restraints so they can’t move with their eyes taped wide open and put several drips of shampoo in their eyes to see what effect it would have if it accidentally got into a humans eyes.

Well, here is what we need to do then, hold them down and tape open their eyes and dump shampoo in them repeatedly.

Only then will they know what they have done and only then can they discover a better way to live.

Man, the super monkey, a thinking monkey he is, does everything the way a monkey does it, except with thinking, poor little guy doesn’t know what he is going to get.

the price of rice has gone up so much as in india they are storing their rice in large warehouses and not selling it they want to keep it for their own people. population growth has dire effects and nature has a way of sorting things out.

I have noticed prices up. I pretty much ran out of all my old canned food supply going through financial difficulties for awhile, plus being stranded without a vehicle to get to the store so i couldn’t carry back a whole lot. I had 300+ cans of food at one time, plus a bunch of those dehydrated Mountain Home meals, 5 gallon buckets with rice, oatmeal, and dried beans in them…

I’ve noticed a 15 oz. can of kidney beans that used to 69 or 79 cents is now 99 cents or a dollar…and that adds up when you buy a lot of cans.

I’ve said for a long time we should live like its gonna be the end of the world and hope that the end doesnt come.

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i remember the delusions i had when i last was hospitalized 4 years ago, i made a little den in sweeps house on the floor and i put the mattress up against the wall because i thought it would protect against the radiation. i had some food and water under there and it was pretty fkd up really

Went to the grocery store today. They are no longer selling large rice sacks. :rice:

Yeah I don’t think food supplies are going to help. Looks like the end of the world will be nuclear bombs. So pick up your shutgun and steal a Lamborghini.

My neighbor has a nice Toyota I wouldn’t mind confiscating.