Is it the end of the world?

I don’t know. I just have to live my life as though everything is going to be alright.
When I was about ten, a guy got a lot of publicity predicting the end of the world was coming in a matter of days - something to do with the planet Venus. Anyway, it didn’t happen.

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I hate those guys. I really do dislike those doom sayers. My kid sis would be really afraid every time that happened.

She’d try to get the whole family to sleep in the living room so we would all be together when the world ended. She got really upset when any of us went to bed during “end of the world” nights.

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I didn’t know end of the world nights happened that often, but then, I rarely listen to the news.

That was another great thing about getting rid of the T.V. no more listening to the “news”

That 2012-2013 end of the world Mayan Calender silliness. I am so glad I didn’t have to listen to that on a T.V.

Oh, that’s right, I had forgotten that. I didn’t think it was supposed to be the end of the world as much as a change, revelation for man. That didn’t particularly happen either.

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Neither did the Y2K civilization crash… life was fine and Y2K did not destroy our entire economy plunging us all into darkness.

The tail of the Hale-Bop Comet didn’t scorch the earth and cause earth quakes.

The Mt. Saint Helen’s Volcano didn’t cause Mt. Rainier to erupt and make the entire west coast to fall into the ocean.

The earth is still here.

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And the computers didn’t fail us on Jan.1, 2000 !

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The computer fail was another night my kid sis wanted us all to sleep in the living room.

I wonder why so many people celebrate the end of the world. I don’t understand why so many people latch on to the idea of it.

It’s probably an unconscious wish. More people are suicidal than you might think. Like why do wars continue to happen when we know how terrible the consequences are.


This world is going through enough. We do not need more doom and gloom added to the picture. If you ask me let things pass by and take its course. We probably can’t do anything about the end of the world anyway. These end of days type of people need to find a real hobby


You know, I was watching a documentary on the Navy SEALs training (I used to want to be a SEAL) and one the drill sergeants asked a poor guy in the middle of a drill 'HOW MANY SEALS DOES IT TAKE TO SCREW IN A LIGHTBULB?!" and the trainee just said “SEALs let the world revolve around them” and the sergeant said 'GOOD ANSWER, BACK TO WORK"

LOL I have that attitude. I dont worry about the world, I have my own life and thats plenty to worry about. Like politics, wars, I cant do anything to change either so I never talk about them. I dont even vote. The one thing I learned in AP US Government was that my vote doesnt matter. The teacher even said “If there’s one thing you remember from this class, remember that your vote doesnt matter”

I think a vote could matter in a local election - but I noticed that one tally was conspicuously tampered with. I left the area. I lost my first cheerleading contest by one vote, so I don’t agree with the idea that it doesn’t matter. It matters if the counting of votes is honest.

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I meant for presidential elections :smile: the electoral college kind of screws the voting process up in my opinion

I think the purpose of that was so that the states could keep their individual identities.

Well, this is waaaayyyy before y’alls time lol, but I recall during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the 60’s, Walter Cronkite on the evening news saying how the missiles were pointed directly at the U.S and Atlanta was one of the targets. The situation had come to a breaking point and the outcome hinged on how President Kennedy reacted. I was just a kid and couldn’t bear to listen, ran into my bedroom, threw myself on the bed and covered my ears, trembling and crying. I thought we were all going to die. It was very terrifying. :fearful:

as my dad would say…if the nukes go off and we all get blown up i bet i’ll blow higher than u. ie: don’t worry about what u can’t change, so i don’t.


i always say that if it ever happened that there was an end of the world that i would push one of the four horsemean of the apocolapse off his horse (preferably death) and ride it in to the sunset.

I don’t believe in the wold actually ending but I believe that very slowly some crazy stuff is happening. Just imagine. would you even dream about posting on this forum in this way 20 years ago? ebay? youtube? zyprexa? No. This is crazy! so what kind of crazy stuff will we be doing (if we dont smoke ourselves to death) in 20 years? believe me this will be crazy in a way that if you go to a doctor and tell him that i think in 20 years we will be doing this and that you would be hospitalized.

if you had gone to your doc last year and told the stuff edward snowden proved you would be hospitalized for sure!

Hahahaha…been there done that, too true, but that was in 2007.
Told them my iPhone listened in on my conversations with my pdocs as well as looking in with the camera. Dropped pins at every stop sign I did- it doesn’t have that kind of capability they said…hahahaha!

After seeing that calendar on the news, it was pretty easy to understand why everyone thought the world would end on 12-12-2012, because that’s the date the calendar ended. After looking at the calendar, it was easy to see why it ended on that date- they simply ran out of space to write more!