(we're doomed)

#we’re doomed
i have been fighting this thought

sorry i had to post this here because i have been fighting this thought for a few days and it might spiral if i dont try to do something about it, so i posted it.

its a very depressing thought to think that ‘we’re doomed’ its just depressing :confused:

just feel like everything is fkd and its not going to last, like we havent got long left

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I have thoughts like this too. I think consumerism is starting to wear out its welcome, and there are a lot of changes in the future.

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its just miserable :worried:



Stephen: [to William Wallace] The Almighty tells me he can get me out of this mess, but he’s pretty sure you’re ■■■■■■.

Between the news and the weather that I know is coming, I’ve been drinking a lot. I don’t worry much as a result but still have a lingering feeling of gloom

maybe we all are,

idk what to do, i honestly dont know

nobody going to help me then? tell me its alright? fk it

tell me that things will get better, give me a pat on the back?

its that old cliche we all know ‘whats the point’ idk how many times i’ve said it and i still havent worked it out, sure people have there opinions but that isnt enough, useless hearsay, its all ■■■■■■■■, guess i am not helping myself

Sometimes I believe what William Faulkner said - “I believe humanity will not only continue to exist; humanity will prevail.” Or something like that. There are some huge problems we face - global warming, nuclear proliferation, pollution. It will take a lot of effort to solve those problems.

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my optimism is sadly starting to lack

I too have suffered prolonged feelings of doom - I hope you get through this terrible time
Take care kate

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So what? I may be doomed but so what? I’m not going to give up on my life because of it. I guess I may be
doomed some time down the road a little but I’m not going to give up on what’s happening now because of something that may ( or may not) happen ten or twenty years in the future. At the very least, when doom hits me in ten or twenty years I’ll have some great memories to think about. If @velociraptor or @mortimermouse, or any number of other posters on here who are lucky enough to have a measure of a life read this, I don’t think they are going to roll over and give up either.


screw death and hell ,and the horse it rode in on.

Naww. You don’t want to screw the horse it rode in on. We don’t need any little horses running around in 9 months that are so evil that they will let death ride them.

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I’ve been seeing potential societal collapse ever since Columbine. I remember Wilco’s Summerteeth* came out around the same time and one of the lyrics in the first song is " You know it’s all beginning/ to feel like it’s ending." For about the last 7 or 8 years, I’ve really been trying to lighten up and see the good in the world. But for a lot of people these days, one thing that is lacking is our sense of community and family. Even if people are communicating with one another physically, there just seems to be a lack of depth. I guess if there’s one thing I’ve learned in recent years, though, is that there are no happy endings.

Oh sorry @SurprisedJ. I should have mentioned you too.

Yes… things are getting ugly… conflict… no wage equity… lot’s of chaos in parts of the world…

But on the other hand… as some areas decline… other areas grow… offer help… try to work out how to off set the damage.

I do get really freaked out reading the news… I have to cut back on that…

All I can do is get through my day and help those I can…

if those people help others… it will grow.

Good luck and don’t let it get you down too much.

Sorry to hear your optimism is starting to lack
Recently I been feeling more Depressed too

Anyway,hope you find someone that can lift you up from these pessimistic thinking,soon

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con’t feel that way, try to make the next day better

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trying man, all i can think of right now is organised chaos and this war is merely a distraction to keep our minds off of the real issues of the world, its 5am here :confused: nobody cares about anything though really, its damage limitation if you ask me, everybody is willing to turn a blind eye as much as they can anyway, they say ‘oh, thats bad’ at the time of something wrong but nobody ever does anything about it,