Regarding the end of the world


I thought I would make a thread pertaining to the end of the world thread… Only this one is about your theories on how it will all go down (real or joking).

I’ve already stated that my (real) opinion is global warming/climate change. Zombies would have to be the runner up. :wink:

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world war three…


Oooooh, how do you think it will go down?

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America turns evil and goes Nazi on its own people in the name of the new world order. The free world follows. China being independent tries to save the day. Then some one fires a nuke and mutually assured destruction matures into an annihilating blast. Just a theory. It all happens after the dollar collapses.

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Social media and pop culture. Everyone gets turned into zombies and loses the ability to sustain themselves. Unfortunately you can’t live on drama. In fact, I hear there’s a new diet out there “the sunshine diet” apparently ppl think they can photosynthesize sunlight like plants.

Our species it totally going the way of natural selection.


Doctors making us so dependent that we can’t even eat without their help. We break away and die gladly.


I’m sort of prone to earth quakes triggering all the volcanos. Melting all the ice caps and flooding the earth.


I say its going to be down right biblical. Seems like the worlds setting up for it. With most countries calling for a new world order. And I’m not faith hating but religion hating here. The pope .muslim, jewish religious leaders with him to the holy lands… could this be the setting up for the one world religion. could be, could be.


Well people are going crazier and crazier, so I am sure they will find a sure win way to end this world.

People are willing to pay $700 for a vacuum cleaner, $450 for a tiny Dyson bladless fan. Yep, they are losing it.


No one is heading toward NWO.

That’s just a cover name. The actual name is New World Disorder.


I also think it is going to be biblical and people talk of Zombies or people turning into Zombies like in World War Z That could happen as well. Also I think Global warming will be the start of the end of the World and that’s already taken place. Everything mentioned in the Bible that said would happen has happened we’ve been seeing signs and I have for a long time now. It also says in the Bible after seven years of Trials and Tribulation Jesus God and his Army of Angels will come back in a cloud for his Children but those who are dead in Christ will rise first then us in the rapture. I don’t know when Judgment day will be either after the rapture or before I just don’t know when all of us will stand before the Lord thy God. I don’t even know if your Spirit when you die goes automatically to heaven or what happens I think you just sleep until the lord calls you or the Last Trumpet is blown and youre resurrected from the grave then It has been a question I had for along time I I know we all will find out where our Spirit goes after we die I know ashes to ashes dust to dust meaning our Bodies go back tot he earth in which they came and our Spirits go to The Lord ort o hell depending on whether you Believe in god Jesus and The Holy Spirit or not but I know you have to do more than just believe to Make Heaven your eternal Home.

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2018 with hellfire and brimstone because we deserve it.


I am guessing 2021 will be the end of the world but cant say for sure because do we really want to know or guess at something like that just speculating.


We will starve to death because we’re too stupid to keep from poisoning our well and we’ll take most of the animals with us. If we, by some miracle survive that, it will be another extinction level cataclysm.


good name wish I would have thought of it. New World Disorder. haha


At the risk of being a party pooper, the world isn’t going to end, just us individually overtime, like nature intended. Thank goodness too, because I sure as heck don’t want to live forever.


two viruses one out of a lab in the states, one created through the mistreatment of animals in china.( naturally ).
first there will be the japan earthquake in the next 6 months.
then jan 14,16 the pandemic starts.
within five and a half years at least 97% of the human population is wiped out.
civilisation will continue for 35 years, that then comes to an end.
the stragglers will form small mobile communities…
the last human dies sometime in 2063.
the earth will survive and eventually flourish, in 2000 years of no inhabitants, new people will come ( not human ) elf looking creatures, a very tall people.

why you may ask ?
on a different time line, a different future the human race in five years will discover a cure to major disease, they will look 70 but be able to live to125 then155 then 195 years old.
you will become obsessed with the life eternal…!!
you will in150 years discover light travel and in a further 400 years meet your first ’ aliens ’ face to face as it were…!!
then in another 200 years you will create war…a never ending universal war. you will effect many universes, many people, many species.

then an advanced alien kind find a way to go back in time to this point in your history, to basically wipe you out with two viruses.
it is with regret and sadness that we do this.
take care


Albinos rise up, band together, and slaughter anyone with a hint of pigment in their skin.


A couple people have already died on the sunshine diet. I heard it on the news. People are so dumb sometimes. Poor things.


Also, those of us that aren’t naturally selected against will probably meet an end of our own making. Since carbon based fuels are cheaper than the sun and wind (both are free BTW, WTF?!), our atmosphere will literally burn out.

----Insert Rant Here----

I just saw the most recent episode of ‘Cosmos: A spacetime odyssey’ and it compared earth to Venus. The main difference between earth and Venus is the ability to slowly deposit carbon in benign forms (calcium carbonate, oil, coal, dissolved in the ocean). Venus is a thermal hellhole because all its carbon is in its atmosphere. Earth has ‘stored’ its carbon preventing it from triggering the runaway greenhouse effect that happened on Venus. Since we’re burning all this carbon storage and releasing it into the atmosphere, we could start to see some pretty major similarities between us and Venus.

The funny thing is how ppl talk about going green. They say use less oil, use less power, use less plastic… Well, if you think about it, as individuals we don’t have much control over our oil/coal usage. We need power and this power is provided by the power company who gets it from oil/coal. Use less power, they get less profit which means if they don’t pocket it less funds to convert to wind/solar sources. So I guess the ‘green’ thing to do is use more power and hope the power companys use the profit for better sources? It seems it’s really upto the companies that control the world to be smarter in an ecological sense, not just business sense.

----End Rant----

Also, fusion power may be around the corner (a decade or 2 away possibly):

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