How to know your IQ?

I want to know my IQ…

Why? It’s just a number.
Do you trust others to measure
your intelligence?
You’re brilliant. Have faith


I feel dumb bc of antipsychotics

I used to feel the same.
But i am back to normal.
Have patience


how long will it take

About 5 years for me to get settled

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A few years.
It varies in every person

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I big portion of the world can’t even read or write, your technically a genius in some sense. :brain:

Doesnt matter what kind of processor you have in your head, it all ends up on how you use it

I’m clearly not a genius Good tests, but quite expensive.

Here is an IQ test you can take from Mensa (A society for people with high IQs). It should give you a rough idea of what your IQ is. Scroll down and select your age, then start the test.

Few people are, I think the definition of Genius is an IQ of 160. The average is 100.

A psychologist can do it for you.

I had a full cognitive profile done by a neuropsychologist and her team. Took a few weeks of monitored testing, tried my best, took it seriously.

I know where I stand, but will always say it doesn’t really matter. Both sides bring challenges. Easiest to be unassumingly average. You draw less attention that way.

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Various scores have been mentioned. The lowest is 140.

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I wish i was less smart at times. Then maybe i wouldnt ponder about all the depressing components of the world and just be a jolly old fellow.

I got 145 on iq test

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I had my brain function tested a few years ago and the neuropsychologist said I was smarter than the average bear.


neuropsych test will give an estimate. Stanford Binet is more complete but takes a long time.

we dont have stanford binet in finland