How many of you have IQ higher than 130

I don’t but I wish I did

145 in college.
Now i estimate it to 120

Not me. It’s possible that I do well on an IQ test but in the practical world most often I feel I know nothing.

My IQ as a teen and early 20s was something like 145.
Today after years of illness and powerful psychotropic medication use my IQ is more on the lines of hovering around 108.
It’s ■■■■■■■ sad.

But I realize that having a high IQ means very little.


my IQ is 87 so not above 130 at all =D

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My IQ was 138 in college, but I’m sure it has dropped since then. Does that matter to me? Nope


I don’t know if I was intelligent or just educated?

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I think mine was a range from 110 to 120, the high-end of average to low above-average.

How do you know you don’t. We’re you given a proper standard test? Or were you doing the tests you can find online?

I was given WISC-IV test at age 14

So what’s your IQ

90-120. :confused:

120 is really good. It means you’re intelligent

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No it doesn’t :confused:

160 is the highest right?

Actually you’re wrong. 120 is intelligent but not gifted

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yes i want to be gifted because i was called gifted in school

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So what did you score miss smarty pants :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Then maybe you should try a different standard test

How to take WAIS-IV?