How to get over fearing that ppl want to kill you

^ thats my question.


Sometimes I have that feeling.
Benzos help with panic and fear

They haven’t yet.

I didn’t mean for that to sound ominous. Sorry.

For me, they’ve been saying this too long for me to believe them anymore.

I’m underage so they wont put me on benzos cuz theyre addictive

Oh I see. Maybe more APs?
A prn as needed?

When I was in a ward i had a PRN but not anymore

Didn’t they tell you what you can take
when you’re paranoid?

Nope except my normal meds

Can you call them and ask?
Don’t you have regular pdoc?

I had such paranoid thoughts during my first episode. I wasn’t scared. I look everyone in the eye and thought “Are you the one? Do it!”

After a while my delusions took a different turn, less murderous.

7 years later I would like to know the answer too.

My pdoc is really busy

Is this a trauma thing? Or a psychosis paranoia thing??

might be both dunno

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In my case they are strangers.
In your case are they familiar people who
want to kill you?

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Get on the right meds so the paranoia goes away

im on 2 APs already

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its both, more familiar people though

If it was a traumatic experience for you, and makes you think about it repeatedly in your mind, it might actually help you to accept it and take a step aside and experience it through again. To allow your brain to process it through properly.

And try to look at the things your currently doing at the time your experiencing these bad thoughts.

Putting your attention at the “now” allows you to sort of realize that it was in the past, and that you don’t live in the past anymore.

You might benefit from asking if any kind of counseling or therapy available to psychiatrist. I’m aware you said your too young for it, but maybe worth a try?

Writing these thoughts down on a piece of paper helps a bit for me…

Hope it helps :no_mouth:

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should i try changing Aps