How to get over paranoia

I fear that people want to kill me

If we had the answer to that then most of us would be cured


I have absolutely no paranoia now, I’m less paranoid than I have been my whole life.

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That brilliant news. Are you still on medication?

My paranoia was terrible when I first went on aripoprazole.

The way it improved is self care


I asked myself do I give people a reason to want to kill me? Or hurt me?


Same here I feel alot better now

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I’m a burden to people around me

Dont think like that I know it’s hard but please try not To. Ask your self is the problem you or them?

Meds stopped all my paranoia 100%.

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Do you communicate clearly your circumstances and situation to those around you like your family.

Maybe if you felt that they understood what you are going through and that you are making effort to recover or manage your condition maybe you would feel slightly more at ease

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Idk if they understand me
I was hospitalized for my paranoia before so I don’t want to open up about it to nurses or doctors or anyone

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Why do you feel you are a burden exactly, if you don’t mind me asking.

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Yeah I’m on 5mg Olanzapine. Had two episodes but hoping to taper off in the future.

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Idk I just do 15-5

I know it’s hard to believe right now but honestly the professional team definitely wants to help you. That’s their job and they’ve most likely had many patients open up about such things. If you speak respectfully with them and try to open up as much as you can, even if you’re being somewhat vague that’s okay better than saying nothing. Then they might have some good insight for you and reassurance. Don’t feel scared to open up, because just remember it is just a fear you have the paranoia it is not the truth. People have no reason to want to kill you. Since those close to you understand that you are going through a difficult time so you naturally may be requiring more relaxation rest time than usual atm.

They can help you feel less like a burden too. Because I guess that you maybe feel that this is what irritates some people, to the extent that you feel paranoia.

My paranoia was not like that but still I do know paranoia is very distressing. And disabling.

Yes but I also fear them admitting me to a ward against my will

Do you still have to go to court potentially or is that situation resolved?

I dunno the police haven’t contacted me after the interrogation
Tbh it took them 4 months to interrogate me so idk

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Oh right yea that’s tricky. Hmm. I’ll have to get back to you on that one :sweat_smile:

But the ward is worth going to if you’re gonna get the psychological help you need, no?

Like a cool therapist and such

Is it worth going to ward if you have insight like me