How to eat properly?

I have swallowing problems and can’t eat normal food

I’m convinced it’s due Clozapine

I’ve seen you post about this many, many times.

I know but can’t get real answers sorry

See that’s your problem. You repeat things because you demand answers to questions were not qualified to answer. Talk to your friggin dr.


I talked to her and she can’t even change meds

What is it that you’re asking exactly— like, nutrition-wise, or because you’re worried about choking?

Ok well we can’t tell you how you’re supposed to eat properly. You chew and swallow. Is that the answer you want?

I’m worried about choking

Well that’s not so easy for me
It feels like I’m choking

Ok. I’m not sure what you’re looking for then. Sympathy?

yeah i guess
i’m worried of dying

I see.

Have you tried soft foods yet?

Like what? I tried eating oat porridge but didn’t succeed


Eat soft, mushes, or liquid foods.
Take small bites and chew properly.
Drink small sips while chewing and before swallowing.


Thanks for advice

Try meal replacement shakes, mashed potatoes, then gradually work your way up to slightly more solid foods.

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You need a med that will help you swallow. I’m on a med and it helps. Talk to your doctor, as many ap can cause swallowing disorder. You just need a med to counteract it.

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I think switching APs could help but my doc doesn’t let me do that

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You want to stick with what works. So it is best to stay on the ap and add a med.

Which med works for it?