Swallowing problems

I’ve been having trouble swallowing my food and sometimes liquids.
It’s called dysphagia I think.

Sometimes antipsychotics like risperidone are the cause of it.

Food goes down my windpipe and I’m coughing it up, or food gets caught in my throat.

It’s getting more frequent.

If it continues I’ll contact my psychiatrist.

It’s got to be my AP.


Yeah, I have read up on it a little because @Crystal-Cotton says she has it. It’s a possible side effect but it is supposed to be a rare one. Supposedly it can go away with reducing dose, discontinuing med or switching aps. You probably don’t WANT to do any of these though I’m guessing.

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I did some reading on antipsychotics and dysphagia and apparently it’s not that rare of an occurrence.

No I can’t afford to switch meds but I might be able to reduce my Risperdal dose by a little bit but not too much.

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@Crystal-Cotton are you having difficulty swallowing food?

I’m sorry.

What did they say?

I’ll keep an eye on it.
Thanks @Bowens

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Not to panic you @Wave , but I’ve been doing a little more reading on it since your post, and the more I read up on it the more it seems like it is something you should bring up with your pdoc as soon as possible. Here is a quote from one article:

“Conclusion: Dysphagia can occur with any antipsychotic therapy and prompt diagnosis and treatment are essential to avoid fatal complications like aspiration pneumonia and airway obstruction.”

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Holy ■■■■!
Yeah last night I breathed in some tiny bits of pasta!

I’m going to contact her tomorrow!

Thanks @Bowens!


I have that because of my ap. I take medication for it and have no problems anymore. It will be okay. Potentially you won’t need to stop your ap.


That’s good too know thanks @oolaloola
Which medication are you on?

I’m on Artane also called trihexyphenidyl. Long name I know. Once I started taking it, my swallowing issues went away.


I also have trouble swallowing that starts about an hour after I take my clozapine…I also produce excess saliva that I sometimes aspirate on. That’s why I will only take my meds at night with a couple drops of atropine under my tongue to dry my mouth when sleeping.


Thanks @oolaloola
I’m glad it’s working for you.

Thanks @WhiteRaven
I’m sorry you are having trouble swallowing


llama in nursing mode

Please talk to your doctor. It’s not something to play around with.

@Bowens is absolutely right in his findings. I worked with a speech pathologist for a while with stroke patients in a sub acute clinic. Dysphasia can turn take a bad turn if not taken care of.


Ok, thanks @Ooorgle
Had something to eat a little while ago and I was fine.
Hopefully it resolved itself but I’ve had it for like a week now.

I’ll see how I do later on tonight and tomorrow.


I’ve been having a similar problem lately. I am considering coming down a dose on my ap but am waiting to talk to the shrink about it. It’s annoying as heck.


Yeah it is annoying.
I’m sorry @rogueone

Yeah maybe I ought to go down to 3mg on my AP.

I recently had my AP lowered from 5mg to 4mg.


They said nothing yet
Will insert a feeding tube or something. I’m worried

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I’m sorry @Crystal-Cotton
Hang in there

I’m worried
There was blood in my vomit

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Do the doctors know this?