Going to ER

Haven’t been able to eat properly in 2 months

They’ll try to find out why can’t I eat
Wish me luck or smth


Good luck Dudette :sparkling_heart:

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Good luck! Your doing a great job by taking stand and getting it seen by a doctor!


Best of luck! You’ll be so happy when you can eat again.


I’m here waiting for the doc :frowning:

Good luck. I hope it goes well for you.

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Thanks : ) i’m nervous

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Hope they help you Cotton.

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They’ll probably take me to a psych ward :frowning:

The said that? :no_mouth:

Yes I’ll go there tomorrow
It’s forced

I suppose they want to change ur meds, supervised

They’ll feeding tube me likely :frowning:

Oh gosh that’s awful. But maybe for the best.

Have you been losing a lot of weight

Was it caused by medicine? Or was it psychosomatic or something?

Idk what it is but i’m worried

Yes 11kg in 2 months

You are having difficulty swallowing?

Yes and they think it’s psychological

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Yea, that sounds very serious, Cotton.

Best of luck

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