How often do you move house?

Sis and I got home and got through the door and starting settling back in, unpacking, laundry and there is just an odd feeling in the house. LIttle things don’t seem right.

I am paranoid and I am thinking someone has been in since we’ve been gone. It’s really starting to bug me. I don’t want to come off as out of control paranoid. I want to get over this.

It took me hours to finally give in and ask my sis if she thinks it’s possible someone came in and she says, our parents do have a key, we did take off without telling them so they might have come in to check on things.

It feels like more then that. It just doesn’t feel right. I’ve been sleep walking a bit. Not as bad. But still and I just can’t get this uneasy feeling out of my head or my chest.

My sis suggested moving to the open flat on the other side of the complex. Maybe it’s time to move. Maybe too many people know of this flat.

How often do other people move house? If you ever do get that feeling of uneasiness, how do you get rid of it?

I’ve only had that feeling a few times. And it turned out that it was the landlord who came in to fix and inspect things. I forced myself to get over it. Because I hate moving.

It’s stressful. And it’s very physically exhausting. So I move as little as possible. Probably on average, once every 4 years now.

I hope you can shake this feeling and enjoy the comfort and security of your home.



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You were able to feel it and it wasn’t just paranoia. I’m afraid that if I mention stuff like this some people in my life will just roll their eyes and say… “J, your paranoid, you know this.” I don’t mind if I’m told this AFTER all other options have been explored. (actually I do still mind, but I won’t get as upset about it.)

I’m not talking about my sis. She doesn’t dismiss my concerns. She’s looking for logical answers.

Thank you for that. Our parents leave a quick note when they come in. They don’t touch anything and there will be a note that just lets us know they came to feed the fish. That I can handle. I want to get over this.

But this just feels like someone new or different was in here while we were gone. I don’t like moving either. It is hugely stressful.

My sister wants to smudge the house.

I think smudging is a great idea! Maybe also change the locks? So you can feel safe there.

There are many things you can do to the place without having to move. That’s a huge headache that no one wants.



I see no harm in smudging if it will help to ease your anxiety. Changing the locks is not a bad idea either if it will help.

Does kid sis feel like anything is off?

I have no idea how you can tell if this feeling is paranoia or something else. Maybe ask kid sis to call your parents and the landlord to see if anyone came in while you were gone. If no one else has keys and nothing is missing then it may be the stress of the last little bit causing your anxiety to act up. Hopefully it will ease off once you get settled back in. Given your recent need to get away from it all you may be in flight mood. :heart:

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J, I get the same feelings when I am out and no one is home for even a couple of hours. The problem is internal, the paranoia is my problem, the reality is everything is most likely fine. I dont think moving is the solution, I moved recently because we had to move closer to my brother. Moving is very stressful. it almost did me in. But if you and sis move dont do it based on your paranoid feelings, these feeling should go away once you settled in again and continue to do the same old routines.

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I did what I always do, (put plates on the piano keys, open drawers, put the bench in the kitchen) just sort of put every thing in an odd and awkward place so if someone did break in they would trip or break a plate or bump something and I’d know.

The trouble is, if my sis gets in to the flat before me, I’m not sure if she shut some thing or we had an intruder. I do believe her when she says she shut it. I’m trying to calm down and not get too carried away on this.


Thank you for that. It’s sort of hard to work through sometimes. I hate that feeling of not all is well. How long does it usually take you to feel your heart rate go down? Mine has sort of been staying up there. Do you live alone?

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both myself and my kids were abused in the house we r in now but we can’t afford to move and my kids don’t want to as this was their dad’s house. the only reason imoved back here was because they wanted to. it was a mistake. i shouldve taken one in the same area but not this house. if i ever get the money we’ll move again but not to number 5 as that’s not a good sign for us.

This made me smile only because my sis also avoids 5. She says the 5’s in the deck are all not good signs. I’m assuming she’s back on her Tarot thing.

I’ve been here for 18 years. I couldn’t cope with moving. I moved a lot of times when i first left hospital before we got social housing but only twice in 24 years since getting a council place. My wife did all the arranging and i just tagged along …

Unable to move. Need to stay put.

Its up to unsean forces to if I move or not I do get tierd of this place but don’t in joy moveing any more not at my age.

i’m in social housing too. it’s good on the one hand bcoz i don’t have to worry about repairs or if anything goes wrong but bad bcoz i don’t feel as secure as i would if i owned a house. it’s big for a social housing, even the box room has a double bed in it but so many things have happened here that i don’t want to stay here any longer than i have to.

I have moved a lot in my lifetime. The longest I’ve stayed in one place was for about four years. When I was working I got transferred a lot so I have stayed in several towns and cities. I guess I am a real Nomad.

J I live with my elderly folks, I help watch my mother who has alzheimers

that was a major issue for me for a while, thinking some one had been in the house when we were out, but it is illogical and just plain paranoid.
but after a hard day working i used to love coming home and sit down and think to my self ,some one had moved that photograph , that plate is in the wrong position…aaaahhhhh…the good old days.
i would not move , it is better to confront your thoughts and get over it than keep on moving, it will probably happen again otherwise.
take care

I felt super paranoid about my parents house, where I live, but with my meds and insight through education I got over it and feel safe here. It took a while.

Before I was diagnosed I had a real problem of thinking that someone had been in the house. I thought it was our neighbor who was -messy to the point of trash in his yard to our yard- alcoholic. At its worst I thought he was in our attic, and in the middle of the night I’d go up there to check. I later heard his voice in my head. Trust me it was bad. (I don’t know how to help without telling you about my experiences, but I don’t want to give them to you like the flu being passed around. I’ll only tell more with your approval.)

To isolate it and gain some control over the idea might be to see it as a cousin to the Capgras Delusion. The house not being your own by having it disturbed. For me I can see it as territory taken by someone else by there presence. The house as not your house, not the same house. If this doesn’t help or make any sense, I am very sorry.

I’ve been living with my parents for seventeen years. I don’t worry too much about intruders, as there are many much nicer homes in this neighborhood. If I was an intruder, I wouldn’t bother with this house.

I’ve moved to be in a better place. There’s something going on with a person who lives on my street that makes me consider moving. I wish he would move. But otherwise I plan to stay here for as long as possible.