Moved and this how it went

Anyone who had to experience a full location change bringing all their valuables they owned creates so much exertion and stress holy cow.

First it was the cleaning a house that never received that type of cleaning in 20 years. Then it was the reorganizing of things. Like the couch moved into three different rooms finally before we moved.

Then there is the unpacking stress, the final doctors visit. I was prescribed two anxiety meds buspar and clonaze.

And finally the chilling part when it’s all over. 14 days.

But the good thing is I came to respect and not take for granted the simple things like water, food that some other people might take for granted.

My head was mush, worse time than I had in years and it was due to the physical moving of many objects that forced scenario felt terrible.

First night arrived I just got a tent pitched and didn’t sleep only 2 hours. Next day I checked in a hotel and you imagine how great it was to have all these things. Shower, water, ice, food, TV.

I guess I left a week early and that mayhem of quickness ruined the process. But it’s over I’m laying in a hammock right now in the north west Pennsylvania woods.

They took me off seroquel, I was always counting things I don’t know if that was negative but I’d like count money for fun now that I am risperidone my mind just counts the days. Literally seroquel and risperidone I would go with risperidone it’s neat to think the brain is functioning to a particular advantage when all it is a symptom of the lack of medicine. Peace, namaste, coo yah, sza

Peace of mind in the woods. Wow, I envy you!

My city is crowded, it has never bothered me up until now. My worst enemy lives literally 1 meter from my door. It’s annoying. I should move out but I’m not ready to admit defeat yet. I am located in a trendy neighborhood, have all kinds of cool shops and cafés around, my place is spacious for one person and I have set it up quite well. Moving scares me. But so does my neighbor. First I’m afraid I won’t find a place as nice and cheap as this and then I own all my appliances and moving everything will be a massive undertaking.

I have time to think about it as I’m locked in my lease for another year. I can continue to pray that he will leave first but don’t think he will. Oh well, everybody suffers, this is the only struggle I have to face at the moment!

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Congratulations on the move… glad it’s over for you and you can now relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.

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May I ask what caused the bad relationship? Most times it’s a silly grudge we hold onto. But some people even when we’re good we can not befriend because of the way they tend to live their lives. I moved out because I hated my neighbors loud bass and drug dealing. Now 1000 miles away from it, I’m speechless all the hard work pays off when it’s for the better. Take care ekoms.

Just a string of incidents and constant arguing when we cross each other’s path. The apartments here were re-built from one large living area so we’re really close to each other in terms of living space. It’s Hell. Thank you for letting me know about your past situation, makes me feel better that I wasn’t alone in experiencing this!

I try to distance myself when family is over because it feels like my anxiety builds around family some. Kind of like misidentify of oneself. But I find some place to chill. Would rather be 2 miles off shore in the ocean :smile:

That’s where I like to be too… nothing like being away from land for a while.

It must be eerie in a slight way? I mean I’m sleeping in a hammock with two bars at most coverage. There are about 40 acres of woods surround me I hear owls. Its neat but I honestly I don’t buy into rumors of 800 lb black bears that have been hunted in this county one was apparently stalking a human yet, being out that far in the ocean. Not knowing what is under you does that bring you fear or the opposite?

I try not to think about it too much… however seeing the recent surfers in the south get plagued by sharks has been making me nervous. There are plenty of small sharks that will still mess you up if they take a test nibble. It helps to know a bit about who we share the sea with.

Our waters are too cold for great whites… and some of the other sharks. We’re not far enough North of Lion Seals or Walruses… (both highly aggressive)

Gray and Harbor Seals don’t usually want to be out in the coves when the surfers are there… so they go somewhere else. Belugas and Gray and Humpback whales don’t bother humans.

It’s the Killer Whales that might make people a bit nervous… These north west waters are home to 4 local pods… (families)

They have a good sense of sight and small… and they don’t usually like humans… but when they are out… I usually stay in…

I would never surf in this…

Orcas usually give a lot of warning they are around… But I still wouldn’t want this to happen to me…

(Orca accidently hits kayaker… the guy pops back up)

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I own a kayak I believe there are orcas here in Alaska which could be devastating not only an extremely heavy large animal rising up out of the water and dropping on you however the water temps can cause hyperthermia pretty quick