Odd question

If you live in a house/apartment with other people, does it bother you when they move around?

I hate it when my family members move from one spot to another. I prefer it when they stay in one spot.

Am I just being paranoid? Can anyone relate?

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Sorry, no, I don’t mind if they move from one spot to another. But if they make noise or jump around a bunch, I have issues (I have 4 kids). I have to wear ear plugs when they are awake and I need to not look at them if they are jumping around.


Ooooooooh my goooooood yes. 10000 times yes I literally can not handle it. They’re just so loud and never stop doing things it’s so aggravating. Idk if it’s a paranoia thing or a sensory thing or what.

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Must be some sensory thing, like some type of “magical” perception in movement.

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I don’t know. My kids are older and tend to stay in the same spot in front of the TV or computer. When I first started showing symptoms, I was very sick and recovering from blood clots and then surgeries, so I never left my room and never saw them moving around. When they would spend time with me, they were resting on my bed.

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