How often do you meet up with friends?

I meet up with a friend about once per month… I only have a handful of friends now.

Quite often I turn down their invitations because they have also invited people that I’m not comfortable with. Aka people who don’t know about my MH problems, they just think I’m quiet. If I feel comfortable around someone, I can talk to them. If not, then I can’t . Even worse, I struggle in groups of more than 3 other people and sometimes go mute.

Hahahaha what is wrong with me…?


I never meet up with friends anymore mine abandoned me


I rarely meet friends. Most of them also abandoned me. I spend most of my time with my old parents. In case I go out with a friend I get so exhausted because I have been in isolation for years.


Hey shoot,I can totally relate,because I don’t understand why I am mute and very uncomfortable in some social situation(more then 3 happens more).Please tell me if you find methods to overcome this muteness.Anyway,I haven’t and I have got a new gf whom haven’t seen me in a mute mode yet,I am worried.

Anyway,I play football and my parent says it’s dangerous.I love football and it gives me a chance to talk to people and make friends,I meet up with my Football friends once-twice a week.I talk and listen more when I am there


I advise you leave the pressures to be something you’re not alone. You are going to become something more capable than your current self over time… and it’s actually attained more wholesomely when found sought in patience.

Hah! Though… I feel exactly the same in crowds. I prefer one on one… or maybe 4 to 5 at most.

Making new friends is tough… I made a whole lot of them in the last couple years, but a lot of them were just discomforts I was entertaining for their sake. I did receive a whole lot of compliments and appreciations… one of the dudes would give me 5$ all the time and tell me to get a beer… Real nice dude.

All in all though, it was exhausting… They all lacked a lot of mindfulness and the levels of communication that come with it. My sense of self was jeopardized coming out of most situations. People thought they were being helpful, but they were only confusing me and putting unnecessary pressure on me… In a lot of cases it proved more important that they be helpful instead of me being helped.

I gotta say I’m still lost. I do feel I’m better off just maintaining my own sense of insight into the world… and I’m pretty disheartened that out of everyone I met… only two seemed appropriately grounded and wise in character… and most all the others I don’t care to see… and the ones I do care to see is more because they actually seem to need me. A strange pillar of a friendship, a really strong one, but I don’t so much need them… they were too abrasive to my understanding.

@Jonnybegood I listened to some Alan Watts… Really woke up a side of me that I didn’t know in years. I gotta apologize for not supporting your fandom for the dude earlier… He is a great thinker… I forgot that I used to like the sort of perspective.

@Jesspresso getting social exercise can be as easy as finding a favored shop and then maintain a weightless character until the employees open up to you. Not all of them will… but that’s how I filled the void. I’d wind up chatting with self-employed business owners about their operations and things of that nature. It had a good formality, even though it was all based and built upon me shelling out to be a customer. Wasted a lot of money…

Truth be told, and I suspect you’re in the same dispositional category, real fulfilling friends are hard to come by… people might seem close to it at times, but that can easily be a short term fluke or a charade.

I haven’t spent any time with personal friends in 3 months… unless you count chatting over xbox live.

Was looking to make new friends down here, but I’ve got to figure out how to maintain the right backbone from the get go… so they don’t wind up dependent… I’ve always met most of my friends by drinking. A lot of subtle dependency issues and eggshells in that game.

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Oh yo @jesspresso… you might be interested in some of what watts talks about… it’s very much from the outside of western perspective. Might resonate with you…

Or perhaps more appropriately.

maybe once or twice a year, I’m alone 99% of the time, both at home and at work

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I have no friends…


I have 3 friends. We meet up about 2 or 3 times a year. One of them used to own a restaurant and bar and we would meet there but he sold it.

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I haven’t seen any friends in several months. We have plans to hang out next weekend, though. Hopefully it works out.

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I don’t have a car and neither does my best friend, so, we see each other about every six months or so.

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What are friends?


I also go mute and struggle.

Even with family.

I was isolating for yeArs and now I am with my boyfriend.

His friends come around often almost daily.

It was a huge change for me and I feel really uncomfortable and awful Tound some of them.

I feel attacked by them too and that they hD spiritual invisible weapons on me but when I tried doing rock n roll dance classes I felt attacked by all of them too aswell asby my own family and also places I tried to volunteer work at.

I suffer and endure and some of them are eAsier to be around while some of them feel unbearable.

I do withdraw from dinners early if it is at home.

I just go lay down or something.

He told them I have brain damage from a car accident which is true I think cause I was in a big car accident and I feel brain damaged and my right side of brain feels strange etc

It makes me tired :zzz: too

Building rapport is difficult for me. I lack the aptitude to make friends. Sucks, but is what it is. If I meet with others I do not know, usually my anxiety skyrockets. And when I do open up, it usually ends up I regret what I say. I do not need a lot of friends (although it’d be nice), one or two is ok with me.

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I haven’t made any new friend in years, except my girlfriend and her family. Lots of roommates (most were terrible), never missed any of them when they left. I’m fine though, like a lot of people my age, meeting new people isn’t a huge concern. Just hanging out with my girlfriend and cat. And family once in a while. I almost never see my 2-3 old friends, just occasional phone calls or texts.

I haven’t hung out with any friends for at least 6 years. its got to the point where i consider them old friends from a past life and now have to go out and make new ones.

the only two places that I think ill meet someone is 1. bar 2. support groups

church is another option, but i don’t go very often.

id really like a bar friend, a lonely guy/gal who i can chill and share a drink with. and then go from there


Never because I thought that every person gave me anxiety and paranoia, but recently I discovered that only normies do, so now I’m trying to befriend schizophrenics in real life. :slight_smile:

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Since 8 years or so I only see my ill best friend who comes visiting me 2 or 3 times in a month. She really wants to help me, but I am always in pain so I guess its not easy for her with me too :confused: . I try to communicate with some other friends on facebook, but there, I am more absent cause I have problems chatting freely etc etc. paranoia and anxiety for me too, plus some autistic state of mind and I guess, alogia too…

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I can not think of any friends I catch up with in person.

I recently got two friends on Facebook but we do not hang out.

They have work ,children,husbaia f are busy ladies.

The lady I used to agist of I keep updated with occasional email.

I do not have friends I hang out with as such.

I still like to believe I have friends in spirit.

My boyfriend has friends and I love :two_hearts: his dogs and have my neigher.

My symptoms make it difficult.
I can go mute and hysterical inside around people and suffer.
So intense sometimes and it ain’t me …

My neigh n my instructor is good I do not go wierd around her and she speaks about things that make me believe she actually can understand how disabling it can be but when it’s not me I am feeling but it is so intense and I feel it

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