I don't have friends

I kinda just fell back. I’m cool with some but I’m done with them, f___ them. They can do things their way, but I’m going my own direction. Creating my own path to my goals. The substances have to go. The fair weathered friends must go. The manifestation of negative thoughts must not plant in my head. The irritability will be here for a little bit. The box routine has been holding me back. Keeping me impeded from making progress. They can continue to chase that high but I’m done. I don’t trust people. I’m just going to take it day by day.


There are good folks out their. You’ve probably gleamed a lot of wisdom while in the midst of your old crowd. You’ll recognize them.

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I have to change my life so I can find them. I need a different crowd


Or no crowd at all. Who says you need a crowd? maybe your best friends may be your family. I spent 10 years in this phase of solitude and I’ve learned a lot.


Those are steps we need to take in order to get a good mental health, then so be it.
I think it’s corageous.


Yeah it’s tough. Don’t expect much lol. I’ve been trying for about a year, made a few friends. Not many and it’s not like they want to meet each other or get along.

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@lesterwaynedobo yea share some wisdom . I’m ready to show them my magical powers.
@Minnii Thanks. Every step counts.
@Azley wym by they don’t want to meet or get along

No friends here. The friend’s I’ve had in recent years I can’t trust because they either want something from me and if not simply take pleasure in using people. The people I could trust I pretty much blew it with because I was out of my mind. I have a cat, that’s what I have, he I can trust, I mean what’s he going to pull over on me?


A break from the crowd you are with can be as good as a holiday.


My granma used to say if we find a few good friends in this life we are lucky


If I have one friend then I’m happy. I don’t need more than one friend. Two friends is OK sometimes. But usually for me, if three people hang out together regurlay, eventually, two of the friends are going to gang up on the third and treat him like crap.


It’s been suggested to me that one on one relationships work the best for us. I think it’s because we tend to get lost in a crowd. Anyway it works for me. I do much better socially going out to lunch with one friend than I do going to the gym where there are more people. At the gym, I’m much more likely to show a little unconscious hostility and make social mistakes.

Same here. I don’t hang out with a gang of people either. I use too but I had thoughts of them talking about me . Then I read up about sz symptoms. can’t keep a job can’t keep friends around. I was like sarcastically"I wonder why"
@HuckFinn when I was being hospitalized in the psy unit my roommate was looking out the window combing his hair and said"the sooner you realize you don’t have any friends the longer you’ll live" I told him how my former friend got with my x and got her pregnant after/ while we was together…

@Dunno yep today would be day3 solo
@chordy totally. I’m kinda a anti social . Idk why. I know a specific substance kinda makes me less likely to engage in social conversations. I think it’s the concussions because I was social in middle school.
@mussel I trust my cat to be by my side when I’m outside in the back yard.

Man don’t underestimate them.



I have plenty who are still there from high school.

Most are crazier than me but that is another story.

If your missing human interaction then that is a problem. If not …it’s no drama if you can deal with it!

Friends are good. You run shite by them and you’ve someone to talk your shite with. It’s pretty good. When sick I hated being alone…Nowadays I appreciate the peace!

Each to their own. Sociability can be a skill much like changing a spare tyre on your car!



It’s a skill that comes more naturally to some than others. I can count the number of friends in nearly 60 years on one hand. Basically only ever had one long term friend and that was my wife.
I don’t deny the importance of having a friend or two I’m just crap at making them.

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I can share the wisdom with you but not your magical powers.

Play bite you if your feet are in his sleeping spot:)

Social mistakes are a plenty in a gym. Just focus on your workout.