Do you hang out with friends often?

I have not seen my friends in over a month. I will go see a friend tomorrow, I have not been getting out the house much. I used to go see them around 2 times a week about 4 years ago, but not recently. Is this because I am getting older or have I been a bit isolated recently? We don’t really go out and do things as we used to either.

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First of all, I only have one friend and she’s on again, off again. I only see her rarely. I spend most of my time alone. And I love it that way. I don’t get lonely.


Once a month my cousins and I get together for supper. Then every other week my 2 friends and I go to a restaurant that makes delicious crepes. Wednesday is half price day. Other than that I keep in touch via Facebook. Sometimes I cancel the get togethers because I’m too anxious to go. I’m not usually lonely except for missing my kiddos.

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I made a friend recently, want to ask her to go out to lunch.

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Nope but I have a family so I am never alone.

I have my parents living with me and I have people at work to talk to so I am never really alone too, but I have been neglecting my friends recently. :confused: Wish we still hung around like we used to.

I only hang out with friend every other month or so. if I had a little more money I wouldn’t mind going out to dinner with friends, but I really don’t like to hang out like I used to. im just not as innocent as I used to be, it’s hard to let my guard down and be myself nowadays, even amongst friends.

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No, friends thought a couple of neighbours were but know one has dropped in too see me Mum’s away visting my sister.Been own my own for over week without any human interaction in person, my own family don’t both either.Guess iam own my own but thats the way it is for me just concentrating on my Ebay Uk Business in the day time + watching movies with a couple of cans of Guiness at night time

No local friends
Really want a freind or boyfriend to go out at weekends
During the week see people in volunteer work
Got my Mums company also

I have A friend I see often. And I have several friends I talk to often, but rarely get to see

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This llama hasn’t had a friend in years, I’ve had a few of them die of drugs or violence. Sometimes I miss having friends. I’ve grown used to it.
TBH after losing friends like that, I have an aversion to getting close to others, I don’t want to get hurt again

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personally i haev no friends…but i do meet my cpn weekly

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