How often do you forget?

I forgot to do something and someone told me, “i forgot is a excuse for a 12 year old not a adult” I really did forget to rinse the bowls before giving them back but people don’t understand that I have poor memory. I tried to get it back to them as soon as possible and I forgot to rinse the bowls. I hate all this pressure in remembering things! it’s so frustrating! I remembered to load the dish washer and start it.


i forget things all the time

I don’t forget that often on Latuda but anticholergenic meds like seroquel and risperdal cause that

does anyone ever get mad at you for forgetting stuff?

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yes but they forgive

the funny thing is I forget a lot of things that i intend to do. The things i have to do for others i am not too bad at remembering

good for you, i’m glad people forgive you. people I know aren’t as forgiving.

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i have relatives like that but they get over it within a couple days. they dont understand that i am sick and expect that i can do everything a healthy minded person can. i usually get people mad at me by saying no when asked to do things . sometimes i just camt handle doing anything

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I can’t remember.

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I have a horrible memory and it’s just getting worse. Plus I have what my mom calls ‘just not thinking’. It seems kind of unfair to me because whenever I ‘don’t think’ about something it’s something I’m doing for someone else. Or maybe I’m accepting enough of my own flaws that I don’t remember.

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I would not let friends or family speak to me like that, cbbrown. Calling you a 12 year old for forgetting to rinse some bowls is way out of line.


I think that is a hazard common to many schizophrenics. Our minds are so filled with the turmoil of our disease that important things sometimes get crowded out.

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I had an old friend show up and we started emailing, and I forgot the names of his children and he stopped emailing when I told him.

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Oh that sucks… I forgot that a friends pet had died and he was kinda pissed at me.


Using the term excuse is actually an excuse that someone doesn’t want to take the chance to try to understand something they don’t like because they’re too afraid they might be wrong. :wink:

I often forget things 5 minutes later tops even if it is extremely important. I don’t care if people don’t like it and get mad at me because it’s not like I’m choosing to be this way and they need to grow up because this is like scolding a man missing a leg for losing his balance and falling down.


WOW… that would have really ticked me off … and I’d be tempted to throw that back in the face of the person who said it if they ever do something human like forgetting a task…

But I guess it would be better to take the high road and try to let it slide. Try not to get stressed and I hope things get easier for you soon.

he gets crabby with me on a daily basis. I don’t do anything right according him.

I’m sorry to hear that.

I wish the best for you

thanks you @SurprisedJ

I forget stuff constantly. It makes me really angry with myself. I used to be the person who knew where everything was at all times – now I can’t take my phone out of my pocket without losing it ten seconds later.

I keep saying I need to write everything down, but I’m worried I’d lose the notebook and pen too. I need a fanny pack!

oh and my therapist is super dismissive whenever I bring it up – “that’s just part of depression, you’ll get over it” yeah lady it’s been like two years and it’s getting worse…

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