I forget I have schizophrenia sometimes

Some situations push it to the background. I certainly could not ignore it in my first two years with it when I was always psychotic. It dominated my life back then. But when I go to work for instance, I am concentrating more on doing a good job than my disease. And while I’m driving I am more concerned with the sucky traffic situation in my neck of the woods. I’m sure this happens to some of you guys too.


Me to. 15151515

Yeah I was gonna make a thread but reverse what you’ve said kind of. I was gonna say that In my first 2 years I was obsessed with having schizophrenia, like it was my whole life…now I kind of ignore it, other than being constantly reminded I have it by coming on this board every day :laughing:

I don’t dwell on it constantly, but it is still a big part of my life.

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I am reminded every morning and night when my symptoms go Mr. Hyde.

I sometimes forget just how sick I have been in the past. I mean if you think I am sick now, whoa you haven’t seen sick. Not you, Nick, I know you have seen sick. Kudos for being so tough.


I think that’s a good sign of getting better!

It’s been 11 years since my diagnosis, but that hasn’t happened to me yet. I always have schizophrenia somewhere in my mind.

Schizophrenia is still a huge part of me.

I think in ways my illness has gotten worse. I often feel at odds with people and inner guilt … I often have inner conflict. I blame the disorient of sz

It took me 4 years to get there but I don’t think about it anymore. It doesn’t rule my life why should it

Yeah sometimes I forget it too. Then it comes back to me and I remember.

I think when I feel normal and I’m going about my day as if nothing is happening to me, that is when I’m in a sort of " la la land ". Then I come back to reality and I’m like “oh yeah, I forgot, I’m crazy”. So for me, I’m daydreaming while behaving normally, and I’m normal when I’m thinking crazy.

I don’t know if that makes sense. :thinking:

I also sometimes forget I have sz when my meds are working. The only problem with that, is I then get tempted to go off them! So far I am ok and still on my meds.


I love it when I just find myself concentrating on what I’m doing and Sz doesn’t come into my mind once.

It took a while to get to that point. Thinking of myself as just another person just like everyone else.


I want to completely forget it

You’re not crazy. You have a medical illness.


Ok after I get through December, I’m just going to forget all about it and sweep it under the rug. Then relax and wait for spring then I’ll just disappear into reality and you all can pretend I was never here. :see_no_evil:

Oh I know. And I know the whole “crazy” word offends some. I’m fine with it though.