Forgetfulness and schizophrenia

Hi Guys,

I managed to miss three appointments last week. A cbt appointment a dentist appointment and something else which I have forgotten.

Worse yesterday I forgot to pay for fuel at a petrol station. I went back this morning and paid. The same thing happened to me about 2 years ago. I talked to my psych nurse about it and he said that it never happened to him before - but it happens to me twice in two years. Like.

Are you guys affected by forgetfulness? Is something being brought on by the condition/the meds etc.

Its annoying me. I want a solution - if there is one.

yes, anti psychotic meds can cause forgetfulness but that is why we should keep a diary with an alarm,

i recently traded in my iphone for a samsung and i havent worked out how to put an alarm on it yet so i am also worried about forgetting things more now,

we forget our meds a lot even though we take them every day we still forget, its not like twice a year its more like every day x

Hmmm.You forgot,what you had forgotten! Yeah, I’m getting absentminded, I do the classic thing of going into a room to get something and then forgetting why I went in there.Some of my memory lapses are bizarre. At work I am supposed to wheel around TWO garbage cans inside,one for trash, the other for recyclables. When the trash gets full I have to take it outside to a dumpster and empty it.The dumpster is about a hundred feet away. Many times I have accidentally brought out the recyclable can with me all the way to the dumpster when I was supposed to leave it inside.

i tell you what if i dont write it down i forget it LOL i have a notepad nthat i write things oln to remeber what to do anjd also what i would LIKE to do on that day

Lately Ive been forgetting what I ate hours ago - things like that. I have been raising the Lamictal and going down on the Depakote, maybe its the med change

i forgot what i was going to say !
take care


A worm remembers things better than I do. I don’t have memory problems before antipsychotics. I’m reading about thyroid and adrenal hormones. They seemed to explain a lot of my problems.

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I’ve missed so many appointments. Dates are the worst. Even if I write it down, I forget to check… lol…
I forget to tell people things, forget to do things… I think it’s frontal lobe related. We spend all the energy thinking over things… I wonder sometimes though, if I just place much more importance in other-world things than more physical, immediately tangible things. I’m a web developer, and can recall the functions, variables, and attributes of 7 different languages; but I can’t tell you what I ate this morning. :confused: I’m pretty sure there’s some psychosis in there.
Unlike others on here, my memory problems were all before I got on anti-psychotics… now I’m off again… my memory has improved significantly, but it’s still present. Whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@goggles I really wonder sometimes if most schizophrenics experience the dopamine high from waay too much adrenaline and an imbalance in thyroid hormone. My family is riddled with hyper-thyroid, gluten-intolerant, and nerve-racked people. I’m hyper-thyroid myself, and experience extreme adrenal rushes for no reason…such as “I’m going to take a shower LET’S SEE HOW AMAZINGLY FAST I CAN DO IT” why? Most people relax with a shower right? I also can’t stand sleep. God forbid I lose those hours.
But I’ve calmed tremendously with a diet change(no grains). I also take lithium orotate(not lithium carbonate) sometimes…but I’m hyper-thyroid. If you’re hypo, you’d want something much different.

I have that forgetfullness which is why I must check something many times, compulsive checking disorder.

@bear371 I think I am just the opposite of you. I am slow pace and often look passive and over relaxed. I don’t join in anything fast pace and I hate to compete. I think my hormones are insufficient. Probably hypothyroid in my case.

hi martin - just want you to know that i do not take any meds. my daughter has sza. however i use to have a terrible memory. this may not be your case but when i discovered i was prediabetic - i made a change to exercise and balance carbs, fats and proteins in my diet. for me it made a hugh difference. it is not fun to not be able to lose your purse or car keys.

Sometimes I forget where I was going/driving. But I just stay calm and slowly try to remember where I was going. Usually it comes back to me if I keep calm and don’t panic.

Thanks for the responses guys. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one with this problem. Its a pain though.

Makes me wonder if the the SZ has caused some permanent brain damage. Happy thoughts…

I tend to have problems with forgetfulness. I attend a day program every week. When I get home, I can barely remember what the groups were about. Sometimes, I might have something on my mind to look up on the internet. By the time I get to my computer, I will have forgotten what I wanted to look up.

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