How often do you feel on top of things?

I feel I have issues but basically on my feet. I had felt under water so to speak for many many years and for the last 10 years or so I have been hitting the beach after drowning almost.

now, I cough up the water that I swallowed when almost drowned.

I also walk around quite a bit already. my cognition is o.k., in the normal range I guess, however I was once much sharper in the intellect.

how about you?


good post, Judy…I too almost drowned from being down because of this illness…I feel on top of things mainly when I’m around family but I have found at least a little happiness just trying to “live in the moment” and not dwelling on the past anymore. This has been a huge step for me, because I thought I wasn’t doing anything wrong thinking about all the happier times in the past, but compared to my present life, happier times mean comparing them to what I have now, which isn’t much…but “now” is all I have, so I am learning to see the beauty in that…

I am sorry Michael that you don’t have much happiness in your life right now. I don’t either.

still, things were much worse for me for a very very long time and now focusing on what’s better makes me feel happy even if it is fleeting.

I am a people person and I haven’t had friendship in “real life” or outside of cyberspace in so long I almost forgot about ever having any.

still, I feel myself making steps in positive directions, even socially. that gives me hope that things will improve, and maybe a big step will happen forward…


yes, that’s how I feel too…hopeful…lately my family has been coming through in aces with visiting me and making me feel like I actually do have family and it had a positive affect on how I see things now…I also get love from my girlfriend but most of the time she is working, so it’s not consistent with how much time I have on my hands…I keep telling myself things like “if I rented netflix, maybe I would have a richer life”…things like that…truth is if I did have netflix I wouldn’t watch the movies I rent…happened every time in the past when I did so…then I think “maybe I could take up reading” but that’s a dead end too…recently the book I wrote is selling more each year and this year I have gotten decent royalties and it makes me think that maybe one day it will become a more decent living for me, but that’s probably not going to happen either…so I do my art and I play my instruments and I try to not let the chores of the day bring me down…as a matter of fact, I always feel a lot better when the chores are done but it’s been raining a lot so the lawn needs mowing every week and it’s so damn hot !! that’s really my only complaint right now…too much mowing…I"m rambling I guess…

I often feel like I am on top of things and about to fall off.

I am just being content with my life, which means I tolerate the physical and cognitive impairment by the meds and the illness itself. After being deprived of job by SZ, I still have a good family and a peaceful everyday life. I am grateful for what I still have. But I rarely felt on top of things.

happy for you Michael that you found a friend, especially a girlfriend. I hope things will be on the up and up for you from here on.


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I feel on top of things much of the time.

Like the chair im sitting on, the ground, pavement, or my bed.

(somebody had to say it.)


It’s only been this past year that I’ve really felt on top of things. In the past I always felt like I was just learning how to ride the bike. Wobbly, trying to get it all coordinated, sort of moving forward, but … still feeling like I’m just about to fall.

This year is the first year I feel like I really am getting it all coordinated and moving forward at an average pace.

me too. good to read that you’re doing well now surprised j.


I almost drowned when I was kid, a coincidence. I feel pretty on top of things. I am carefully balanced on medications and caffeine and am very productive in the school year. In the summers I just workout and watch anime and hangout with friends. Like today I worked out and have been on reddit, here, facebook and watching anime like all night. Some friends wanted to come over but two of them were minors, one a 17 year old and i was like no way youre not drinking at my place. A friend who is responsible, a friend who isnt and his underage girlfriend. And I thought I was a pervert. Hes 20 and she just turned 17. I think thats illegal actually. Oh well, not my problem

I won’t feel on top of things until I get to the bottom of the dirty clothes pile. Every day there’s something to add to it.

not often…
take care

I’m usually in a state of flux. I have to take care of my own business. That means making and keeping appointments, taking care of the cat, making phone calls. I guess I keep on top of things. I’ve been living on my own since 1995 with very few crisis’s. A few. Like when I was facing jail time in 2004 for Workmen’s Comp fraud. A long story. Or getting in a car wreck at the beginning of this year. Or racking up $3000 of debt on my credit card a few years ago. Those were all crisis’s, but they worked themselves out.

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I feel as though I have picked up the pieces and started all over and am doing okay with my life.


HI. When the day has come. Is my time to be on top of things. One thing I’m battling for top position is me and seroquel. Seroquel raises my appetite making it almost impossible to lose weight. Well to get on top of that I increased my running to 150 minutes. I believe I can be on top of it it just takes more work. When its time to go to sleep that is what scares me. Because it’s a mixture of pills and if I’m lucky I’ll sleep before I feel any awkward thought. But sometimes I have trouble sleeping and all my hopes turn into fears. But in the morning it’s time to get on top of things again. I hope you all are blessed.