What is right with you today?

Despite what my younger brother said to me, and what is happening in my life today…

Right now, the sun is out and the ocean is calm and I can see some seals playing in the water. The cool senior citizen with the pink hair and the harley davidson just crusied by and she gave me wave. I have a plate full of blueberries and blackberries.

I have a roof over my head and I found out that the Japanese Garden’s here in our city are going to stay under the protection of the city parks and not be privatized after all. :relieved:

Just got the surf report and Ocean Shores is supposed to be a sweet spot to hit the waves this weekend and I’m half way through with that book for becoming a surf instructor.

Got my homework in on time last night.

There has been a lot of talk about what is wrong today… So please tell me…

What is right with you today?


Well, I’m in a good mood, a VERY good mood :slight_smile: and we’re seeing a lawyer today to put some pesky legal issues to rest. Civil not criminal.


My boyfriend said some really sweet things to me. I told him that I want to lose weight so that he can be proud to be with me. He said he is already proud to be with me. He said that I inspire him and that I am a positive force in his life and he hasn’t felt this good in a while. He also said he is falling head over heels for me and I feel the same. It is so nice to have someone in my life. My mom said that she is happy for me. I have wanted this for so long that I really cherish it. :sunny:


Today has been great for me. I woke up in a good mood and took a walk in the warm weather, while listening to my favorite band, Fleetwood Mac.

And I managed to get all of my meds refilled at the pharmacy. This is the first time I’ve done it all by myself. So I’m pretty proud!

Love this positive themed topic!




It is raining here today, that always makes me more calm.


Yesterday was election day in South Africa. The elections were peaceful and today the elections have been called free and fair. Today I feel very excited that my vote has been counted in our very young 20 year old democracy.


I am happy today. I finally did a drawing/painting (which I’ve posted here under “creativity”) and I am fairly happy with how it turned out. I also hung my laundry up in the closet after postponing it since Saturday…and I washed the dishes…And I’ve stuck to my eating goals. My friend took me out for coffee and she had two cannoli (My favorite) but I had a fruit cup. I felt proud of making that choice. All in all, a good day


Today I went to the doctors. He put me on on a scale. :astonished:

My weight is 108 pounds. He said I better beef up or will end up with heart problems. :heartbeat:

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I aced my french and logic finals. I finished the french final in 35mins and only couldnt solve the very last premise of the last argument on my logic final. I just took a 3 1/2 hour nap, which is good because I’ve slept like 3 hours the past two nights.

I probably made all A’s, I had solid A’s before finals and finished all of them quite early with confidence.

Now I can watch anime and powerlift to my heart’s content.

I feel pretty good. That was my first year on meds and I made a point to make perfect grades, and I think I did. I don’t feel like drinking, I havent had a nightmare in a week, I recovered from my 3 hour relapse on saturday perfectly without extra meds.

Very good things. I’ve been getting into arguments on these forums lately because people don’t like to hear hard scientific facts or about how well I am. I post something like a neurological explanation of what schizophrenia is and someone ends up arguing with me and saying that I know nothing because I only briefly read about the hard problem of consciousness, a cognitive science theory that is outside of my major but was on a powerpoint in one of my classes. I guess my 16 page term paper titled “schizophrenia” which recevied a 100 is obsolete because I don’t know everything about all branches of psychology.

But I stick around for people like you, James. You fight schizophrenia hard and you do your best to be your best. Disorganized/undifferentiated, paranoia plus disorganization sounds like hell but you are always positive.

By the way, Im glad to hear about the Japanese garden- theyre my favorite. There’s a botanic garden not far from my house and they have tons of cherry blossoms and japanese maples, it’s a serene place.


Fruit cup - always makes me feel good.

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In some cases I’ve noticed your reasoning is skewed.

good for you, pob…

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Open door - cool breeze - caught up on sleep I missed last night.

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found some great music on u-tube by a soviet classical violinist, david oistrakh. phenomenal!! soothes me and calms my nerves as well as high pleasure level to listen to.



Took my dogs to the vet today. For there yearly checkup. They are doing well for old dogs.

From the country Ridgerunner


Hey, radmedtech. It’s good to be out and around people, but lots of places send meds in the mail. But you might want to weigh the negatives and positives of that service before looking into it.

So beef up. Why do you weigh so little?

I stayed up until 5:00 am so I just got up 2 1/2 hours ago. Baked a tri-tip roast, straightened the apartment. Just taking it easy.

With all this talk of fabulous cooking (Mexican, Chinese, etc.) I think I’m going to hire you as my personal chef. LOL

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77nick77 should open up a soup kitchen. :smiley: