Just would like to share

I am doing well. normal kind of problems excepting for thought broadcasting which I have a heaping cupful of.

it feels really really good to feel like my “old self” kind of again.

it makes me feel like I am above water and not drowning.

I wouldn’t call myself happy but I am doing fine, just fine. working on being happier.

hope all is getting better for you too.



Glad for you Judy
I’m doing ok too
I am enjoying things more even simple things
I also feel that I’m no longer drowning
It’s a slow process but I’m getting there

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Sounds like you’re making progress. Hang in there Judy. No one can read your mind. It’s a stressful thing to deal with, don’t let it psyche you out. Try to forget about it and be yourself.

thank you both. very happy to read shelly that you’re also feeling better. and soitgoes thanks for the support and kind advice.

hugs to you both, judy

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