How often do you eat a sweet treat?

I’m to where I’m having a sweet treat everyday. How often do you eat sweets?


All the time.

I have to have something sweet after dinner or I don’t feel complete.

  • once a day
  • twice a day
  • more than twice a day
  • once a week
  • once a month
  • never
  • twice a week

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Probably about once to twice a week. I try not to buy too many sweets.

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Do fruits and juices count?

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no fruit and juice doesn’t count unless the juice has added sugar

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Sometimes I eat chocolate or cake/cookies but not everyday. I eat lots of fruits and drink lots of juice though. Juice still has lots of sugar eventhough it has no added sugar.

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I eat rocky road ice cream or caramello candy bars. I probably shouldn’t but I don’t really care.


I chose once a day.

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Sometimes I get a choccy milk, not often but I also love chocolate and I don’t buy it regularly or I would eat it all the time lol.


Once every few months

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I allow myself one treat when I get groceries, either sweet or savoury. I’ve gotten out of control with it before, so I have to tread carefully

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I love peppermint ice cream. Yummy!

Maybe twice a week I’ll have a bowl. Actually I am going to have one now.


I can eat chocolate on occasions but I’m not much of a sweets person I am more of a meat and potatoes guy

I eat dark chocolate once a week.

Sometimes if I am at the cafe, I might get a slice of cake, but apart from that, I rarely eat sweet treats these days

I used to be a cake monster at my old office job, and I was a fat ■■■■■■■ because of it

Since being out of the environment, my diet has definitely improved a lot!

Constantly have a supply of sweets on the go. I spend about 15quid a week on them. Haribo mostly.

I have a massive sweet bowl kept by the keyboard here!

It really depends what counts, but I chose more than twice a day. Ever since I saw the nutritionist and they told me that because of my medical conditions and meds that I’m on for then I’m unlikely to ever be able to lose weight I kind of gave up trying the last month or so. I eat cereal (multigrain cheerios) most days for breakfast, which I would consider a sweet. I eat a lot of berries from the garden. I eat a marshmallow here or there. I drink those little 2oz probiotic yogurt drink things a few days a week. I drink an electrolyte drink every day and it’s got sugar in it. I eat a packet of fruit snacks most days at some point.

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Eating sweets makes me eat less. I don’t know why. When my boyfriend eats candy he can eat a lot of it, I can’t. I used to be very skinny when I ate way too much candy. I do love it though and still eat sweets daily. I should try to eat less sweets and more actual food.

I eat chocolate or some kind of bakery good at night in bed watching tv. Thats when I crave it. During the day it’s not really that attractive to me, but late night…its on