How often do you eat?

I eat 2 meals and 2 snacks a day

One big meal (dinner) and 2 snack times.

I’ve been doing all three meals things for the past two weeks but low calories. fruits for breakfast.

Today I had 9 pieces of sushi and 3 rangoons.

Had a hang over though.

I don’t see the need to eat much. Once you’re a developed human it’s more about calories. Just energy.

I will say I haven’t had emotional fluctuations in weeks.

I have a light breakfast…

A bit of a “refuel” before Lunch… (a piece of fruit or something small)

I like a bigger lunch…

I usually go for a small and very early dinner.

I usually skip breakfast on workdays because I never leave myself enough time. I usually skip breakfast on my days off because I sleep in. But I almost always eat a lunch and dinner. I’ve not been a big snack eater since I moved into my new place except for diet sodas. But since I’ve been here I hate to say, I have been eating the occasional pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

One meal for sure in the morning (breakfast). Other than that it’s all sporadic, unscheduled. It often depends on a number of variables, such as the season, the current weather, current lighting, etc. My free will often feels dictated by nature, so it seems.

You remind me of a cavemen. Not in a mean way.


constantly. I eat as much as I can within the 2000 calorie limit. Sometimes I eat more. Sometimes I’ll try to eat less than that to lose weight, but I have a tendency to to have my weight fluctuate between +/-5 pounds from constantly binging and then fasting. I have an emotional eating thing going on. If I wasn’t so attached to food, then I’d probably be able to lose weight.

So far today I ate two grilled chicken pieces. Shrimp with rice and salmon. who knows if I will eat again. I hope not. But I usually eat at night to fill a void.

I will eat a bit of the breakfast I fix for my husband, some lunch if he’s home, and dinner when he gets back, anywhere from 9PM to 1AM.

I’ll eat the fruit when it’s ripe on the tree’s in my backyard for a snack…er, okay, a very large snack, and seems lately a Hagen Daz ice cream bar before bed.
@Stillperkin…Where ya been?

Only when its necessary

Hi Csummers. Got back from Oregon last Sunday! SO BEAUTIFUL!

Usually eat 3 times but careful to keep most of it to 1 serving or fill up on veggies if the entree is rich one. I load the plate in kitchen, sometimes even putting away leftovers before I eat. This works okay.

Saw really big guy lose a ton once just eating once a day but he still ended up diabetic. Thought he burned out his pancreas pushing ton of food to it once a day instead of gradually eating couple more times daily. Drs won’t agree or disagree in studies I’ve read.

I usually eat one small meal a day and a snack before sleep after I take my nightly meds. The sedation of my night time meds makes me really hungry. After I started topamax it wiped out my appetite, I’m never really hungry and food doesn’t taste as good as it used to since started taking it.

Today I ate one banana, one sandwich from milios(it’s like jimmy johns) and now I’m stopping at this gas station that has really good soup and I might get another sandwich there to go with my soup! :pig:

On the average, I have four spaced out snacks. I had gastric bypass seven years ago and can’t eat a full meal.