What are your eating habits like?

just curious. i have horrible eating habits, and it’s gotten much worse since i got a job… although i don’t fill myself with a lot of candy and chocolate, so that’s good. i just don’t eat often or much.

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I eat quite a bit, though I work out enough to make up for it. I mostly eat stuff I cooked at home, rarely candy or desserts, not into sweets. Except when I’m at work, then I always swing through the Taco Bell drive thru, usually for a beef queserito. Otherwise I eat well, could use more fruits and vegetable though, so room for improvement.


I usually eat 3 meals a day although lately I’ve been eating two because I’ve been forgetting lunch.


two meals a day, eh? reminds me of the psych ward…

I eat meat and cereal. I eat whenever I’m hungry. I try not to eat at night though.


I’ve been eating like crap lately!
I’m talking about candy, chocolate, potato chips etc…

I really shouldn’t be eating this way as I am Diabetic.

I’m really concerned.


Candy. I can’t live without my ice cream either.

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I eat what the poverty tells me to.


Basically crap.

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I get you. I’m trying to improve my diet, though. Luckily I’m not having as much sugar cravings!

Phil says

You think everything has to be a casserole



I must admit if I cook I like things simple, ie everything in a casserole dish,large frying pan or saucepan.


On work days I eat really healthy, breakfast lunch and dinner with healthy fruit snacks and muesli bars for snacks. But on my off days I skip meals and east junk food like chips and sometimes chocolate.

I eat what ever is on sale at the grocery store, hardly eat outside my home, other than a chocolate bar, I have one a day to boost my energy

So my eating habits are not great

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just a warning to everyone, don’t eat / drink any sweet liquid like soda or cereal, right before bed. your body might not digest it right, and the soda might end up in your nose. avoid eating cereal or soda; right before bed. you were all warned…

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sugar., period. i am getting sick of it though. judy

I don’t eat at all, because the alien signal gives me all the energy I need, ok a bad joke. But yeah, I usually eat once a day.

I eat good in the morning, but in the afternoon and night I overeat. I am going to try to exercise, but I am paraniod that someone might kidnap me.

I eat 3 meals a day.
Im happy with myself and how i eat although i do allow myself to eat sweets every now and then .

I have been on lite n easy which has been wonderful meal planning where they count calories for you and deliver ready food.
As I plan on moving in with my boyfriend and also want to save money I can no longer afford lite n easy but for those who can afford it i recommend it.
Its so thoughtfully put together and taste lovely.

But i think its a lot cheaper making ones own meals.

If you are paranoid about exercising out in public you could get a treadmill to use at home.
I bought one when i no longer could exercise the way i was.

When alone I just grab things that are already made or accessible like nuts or dried mango or eat a probiotic yogurt. I don’t usually eat actual meals during the day and I often forget to eat. When everyone is together in the evening I am more able to eat better

I don’t like eating at the moment. I eat the family meal at night, but during the day I only eat when I have to and not very much.