So afraid of gaining weight on my new meds

sigh. im already overweight. i feel like no matter what i try, i gain weight on all antipsychotics. the only time i dont gain weight is when im off them. heres to hoping rexulti doesnt make me gain weight.


I have never tried rexulti, but I don’t think that is one that is bad for weight gain. Geodon didn’t make me gain weight either. I’m on vraylar now and I don’t have trouble with weight gain. Also, vraylar and rexulti are supposed to be similar types of meds. Give it a try.

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I too chronically worry about gaining weight on APs.

I’m on abilify and seem to have gained a couple pounds in three months,

Mostly due to laziness, I think.

Just remember that we do have some control,

We can control what we eat, as difficult as it is,

And we can control our exercise regimine.

Get into a good routine and let the medicine do its work.


Aren’t you new here? You look really beautiful, I love your purple hair. Try not to worry too much about your weight.

It’s normal for somebody’s weight to fluxuate, especially on APs. As long as you are somewhat active and try and eat healthy food you should be fine!

U look preety noided…!!!

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I can identify. I’m on Geodon and Seroquel now, and neither one has made me gain weight. I am about seventy pounds overweight from when I was on other drugs. Zyprexa was bad to make me gain weight. It made me depressed, too.

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thank you very much, thats really nice of you to say. and youre right, I shouldn’t worry so much i suppose. i have this way of working myself up in my head and getting way more upset about things than i should. thank you for your kind words.

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