How much sleep do u require?

I find myself require 12+ hours of sleep every day. In this case, I don’t think it is possible to work for full time.

How do u manage sleep?

I need at least 10 hours. Preferably 12. And it’s not just the medications. I’ve been this way since graduating from college almost 10 years ago.

During college, I worked full time AND went to school full time. So I was only able to get 3-5 hours of sleep per night. This went on for over 4 years. I think it permanently damaged my sleep patterns.

Ever since then, I NEED 10-12 hours every night.

I’m glad I’m not the only one!



8 hours here but I take naps during the day…

When I was manic, I only slept for around 4 hours per night.
Now, with my med dose increasing, I get around 9-10 hours per night. This is about average for me.

Depends. Sometimes I will sleep 10-13 hours. Sometimes I don’t even sleep at all.

I’m the exact same way. Plus in summer I feel really energized and only need a few hours, in the dead of winter I’m sleeping 9 to 10 as well.

I probably need about…12 hours, but I get only about seven, maybe less.

I can get by with 6 to 7 hrs sleep, I do better on 8 to 9 hrs.

I’m lucky to get three hours per night.

Hard to tell as i take quite a long time to get off but then my sleep can be broken at night but can have several naps during the day. Maybe it makes up 7-9 hours- I don’t know.

9-10 hours. But in weekends I can sleep 12 hours.

8 hours of sleep…i use ambien for it, without ambien i would sleep maybe 2 hours.

About 9 to 10 hours but that’s broken up… today I slept till 1.30pm after getting up at 6am.

once i slept for a whole 24 hours when i was 24 my wife was slightly concerned, i could sleep all day but i have to work, bummer !
take care

I sleep around 13 to 14 hours every night… Idk if its meds or just symptoms really…


I sleep ten to twelve hours every night on a moderate dose of zyprexa!

Yes…it’s too hard to work…often from where I live it’s an hour plus drive to work…you take 8-12 hour days out of that and it becomes a serious problem…!

Seriously it’s not a bad thing being unemployed and that is what social security and pensions are all about!

A friend in the struggle,


My sleep is screwed lately. Lol. May be getting off Geodon and onto seroquel. It’s weird…I’m sicker in ways, but my cognitive abilities and clarity are back quite a bit so some days I get to analyzing the past and other things and then it’s the next day. It’s an odd trade off. I’m noticeably by others more eccentric in the last couple of months, but more clear and getting some tasks done here and there. My Geodon phase at the end was like an awake mi d coma. I’m supposed to bump seroquel up a small notch this weekend, so may level some things out. Psych drugs are always a real tradeoff from dose to dose or drug to drug. I would never go without them though. No drugs at all, I could hit a real bad patch within 2 weeks I bet.

No sleep hurts work and other family member’s ability to work. I get bad sleep weeks now, but can get back on track with plans. I felt bad but when my SZ was pretty out there…further out than I thought, I’d hit a panic level at 3 or 4am and have to get someone to take me to the VA and screw their work day up too or I’d walk and then people had no clue where I was.

I was on Seroquel for a long time and doing OK. Just last month I was being tapered over to Geodon and I had a major crisis episode with hard core hallucinations, loud voices and the a hard core paranoia that was just like the old rabid days. I’m back on Seroquel with a Latuda chaser. AHHHH.

Much better.

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Geodon is weird. On it, I could go long periods of time with no voices at all. It works quite well in that area, but it can add symptoms. It just has pretty random reactions with anyone I know. Glad you weren’t on it long. Getting off long term is tough. I even would get funny feelings in my legs from going off it. Kinda past getting off it now…just think the wide difference from Geodon to the new stuff has thrown off my habits in ways.